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Top Laikipia Tour Packages

Laikipia is not only Kenya's country, it's its soul. The land of the Maasai, the Samburu, and the Pokot that you see on TV is real and alive. It's a place where you can feel the spirit of the earth, the wind, the sun, and even your own body in every inch of your being when in Laikipia. To make sure you feel it, we, at Dook Travels have a wide range of customized Laikipia Tour Packages available for you at attractive rates!

Kenya Family Special Tour

Kenya Family Special Tour

11 Nights

Ultimate Kenya

Ultimate Kenya

10 Nights

Things to know about Laikipia (Kenya) Laikipia

Laikipia is the second largest game reserve in Kenya, after Samburu National Park. It is located in the Rift Valley and receives an annual rainfall of over 300 inches per year. There are over 800 different species of animals gracing the land of Laikipia, including giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, buffaloes and elephants. Laikipia thrives in hot and dry climates throughout most of the year except during the rainy season, with temperatures ranging from 70°F to 90°F during the day and 50°F to 60°F at night with a slight drop after sunset.

The land of Laikipia includes wide-open grasslands, rolling hills and deep valleys, which have been carved out by rivers flowing from Mt. Kilimanjaro into Lake Turkana where they empty into the Indian Ocean at Leliwunga Beach in Laikipia National Park. In addition to its natural beauty, Laikipia also supports vast herds of elephants, lions, Grevy's zebras, reticulated giraffes and leopards as well as many other species not typically seen in safaris such as wild dogs, cheetahs and rhinos. To get the most out of it, take a Laikipia Safari Tour with us! Most commonly, visitors can see top predators like lions and leopards. They also get to witness different birds such as flamingoes and African penguins on their safari tours through our Laikipia Tour Packages!

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Experiences in Laikipia

Laikipia is well known for its diverse wildlife which includes elephants, giraffes and rhinos as well as lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs and many more. A great place to visit with family or spend some moments of leisure. Laikipia is that place that permits travellers touch and feel the heart of nature. A raw experience full of adventure and fun is in store for you on your Laikipia Safari Tour.

Top Attractions in Laikipia

Laikipia is the place where one can witness the magic of nature, the closest. With its cultural and natural significance, Laikipia is an attraction in itself. From its local forests to a wide number of famous conservancies, the one common charm that lingers in all is the exhibition of endangered animals that roam freely around the land. Be it birds, animals, or amphibians, each one adds on an element of beauty to the place, thus making it one of the top points of interest in Kenya.

Plan A Trip To Laikipia

The Laikipia Plateau is one of Kenya's most beautiful areas. Located on the central highlands, it's roughly halfway between Nairobi and Mount Kenya. This area lies in the Great Rift Valley, which is part of East Africa's Great Rift Valley. The park has a total area of 6500 square kilometers, making it bigger than Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park put together. Laikipia has a strong history. It was the first place in Kenya to be settled by Europeans, and it's where the first cattle were introduced to Africa. It is also home to a large elephant population, which means there are many different game animals, all of which are protected under Kenyan law.

The first site to visit on your Laikipia Tour is the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The conservancy covers 6,000 acres and has a savannah ecosystem. The Conservancy was founded by Sir Richard Leakey in 1999 to protect the endangered black rhino population. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is home to two of the last remaining northern white rhinos in the world, and it's also a great place for bird watching. The conservancy is located in Kenya and has over 300 species of birds and other wild animals that call it home, including cheetahs, lions, buffalos, elephants and zebras. The Conservancy also has over 20 different kinds of trees that thrive there including some that are rare in East Africa. As it's so far from any human settlement, you'll have all kinds of wildlife nearby but not enough people around to disturb their peace.

The Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy has some great wildlife viewing opportunities. It is a rhino sanctuary second from the top in terms of size in Kenya. It is also home to the reticulated giraffe, Laikipia hartebeest Grevy’s zebra, lions, elephants, cheetahs, African wild dogs and greater kudu. Some of the other natural habitats in Laikipia that are worth the visit are Loisaba Conservancy, Mugie Conservancy, Ol Lentille Conservancy, Sosian Conservancy, and Ol Ari Nyiro Conservancy.

In your Laikipia Tour as well, apart from the different types of animals living in this area like lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes and giraffes you can also see in Laikipia National Park many antelope species like sable bucks strolling around as well as wildebeest which are migratory animals from Tanzania or Botswana which come here during winter months when they find enough food sources such as grasslands nearby water sources such as rivers or streams. It's also an important habitat for several bird species including the African open bill stork which nests in trees, the black-headed ibis which lives in wetlands and the white-backed vulture which hunts by day.

Laikipia is one of the only places in Kenya that has animals like elephants, giraffes and hippos roaming free in open space. This makes it an ideal place to witness these animals at closer range. You will be able to get up near and personal with them as they graze on grass pastures or browse for food in the bush through our Laikipia Tour Packages!

However, if you are looking for something more challenging then there are also plenty of opportunities here too such as hiking trails that take you into some amazing backdrop where you can see different bird species like eagles and vultures flying overhead while others perch on branches just waiting patiently till dinner time arrives!

In addition to the wildlife discoveries, you can also enjoy the Laikipia Safari Tour on foot and bird watching in the area. Walking safaris are another great way to see the wildlife up close. Next time you are planning a trip to Kenya try venturing north to Laikipia for an unforgettable experience.

Laikipia also has many other attractions within itself like the Kavirondo Cultural Museum. The cultural museum showcases traditional weapons used by the Maasai warriors. The Safari Club International (SCI) Game Reserve which offers excellent game viewing opportunities, Mount Kenya National Park with its mountain peaks that reach up to 24 000 feet above sea level making it one of Africa's highest points. Curio Shops to buy stone sculptures or wooden carvings, Thomson’s Falls and Lake Bogoria. The lake with its crystal clear waters is perfect for swimming or kayaking

If you are looking for Laikipia Kenya Travel options, there is a wide range of such packages available with Dook international. All the Laikipia Holiday Packages are all-inclusive, which means, all your necessary tasks like visas, airport transfers, accommodations, meals, tours and sightseeing will be taken care of Dook. Dook International serves tourists of all kinds like solo travelers, couple tours, group tours, business meetings, so on and so forth. Till today, we have offered our services to travellers traversing to around 500+ destinations.

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