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  • Completed visa application form
  • 2 Pics With White Background
  • Tickets
  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Invitation
  • Covering Letter Or Letter Head


  • Visa Normal - 10 Working Days
  • Visa Urgent - 3 Working Days

How to Get a Russia Tourist Visa (Russia Visa from India):

If you are planning to visit Russia, you need to have the required set of documents, among which is an Invitation to Russia. There are many different types of Russia Visa you can apply for, which includes tourist (Moscow Visa) private, business and work.

The Visa For Russia Requirements may vary:

  • Tourist visa is intended for those who travel for tourism and wish to see sights.
  • Private visa is good for visitors who would like to meet Russian friends.
  • Business visa suits the foreign applicants who are concerned about exploring business opportunities of Russia.
  • Work visa is necessary for the citizens of foreign countries who seek to endeavour in career and professional development in Russian enterprises.

Russia Visa for Indians Tourist

Russia Tourist Visa issued to Indian citizens, citizens of other countries and stateless persons who enter Russia temporarily for tourism, sightseeing, visit family, friend or other private purposes. Tourist visas are issued for duration of stay up to 30 days. It is issued on the basis of a tourist confirmation letter from a Russian organization which is authorized to carry out tour operator activities. Tourist visa can be issued for single or double entry to the Russian Federation. Tourist visa can be issued to citizens of India for multiple entries to the Russian Federation.

To Apply Russia Visa from India you need tourist Invitation (Tourist Voucher), and this invitation can be made within 1 working day. A tourist invitation consists of:

Tourist voucher and a confirmation of his/her arrival from the receiving company
A copy of a tourist invitation but in some cases in certain consulates, you can be required to present the original document.

The longest period of stay on a tourist visa for the citizens of India is 30 days

Russian Private Visa for Indian Citizens

Private visa is for those who want to visit their relatives or friends, who live on the territory of the RF. There should be a letter of invitation from the inviting party who can be represented by a natural person or a juridical person. This type of visa is given for a citizen of India up to a term of 3 months.

Russian Business Visa from India

For Indian citizens who want to go to Russia for business, you have to apply for a Business Visa. In order to receive such a visa, it needs to be accredited by a judicial person. The business visa invitation letter can be received in three ways:

  • Russian Business Invitation Letter from the organization (possible to get Online)
  • Russian Invitation Letter from FMS
  • Telex Russian Invitation

Russian Work Visa

A citizen of India needs to obtain a work permit for a foreign citizen to apply for this visa. Then the work visa is issued for a period of 90 days. After arriving in the territory of Russia in the disposing of a company- employer, it should give in a petition to a local branch of the FMS to extend your visa for the period of your work permit.

Russia Visa Requirements:

  • Completed visa application form
  • 2 Pics with White Background
  • Tickets
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Covering Letter or Letter Head

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