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Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, is filled with architecture, history, and art. Spanning over 0.44 square kilometers, Vatican City is a beautiful European holiday destination. Bordered by Rome, this magnificent country has so many Vatican City tourist attractions that visitors enjoy exploring. Besides boasting stunning art and spectacular architecture, Vatican City has a rich history and many historical attractions. This unmatched tourist destination is attracting millions of tourists every year. There are not one or two but many reasons to visit Vatican City. One among them is St. Peter’s Basilica. It is one of the most stunning Vatican City attractions that leave visitors in awe of its beauty. This Renaissance-style church is the world’s largest church by interior measures. It is by far one of the must-see sights in the Vatican City. Built between the 16th and 18th centuries, this church still holds important significance in this country. Another marvel in the list of top Vatican City tourist spots is Sistine Chapel. The walls and ceilings of the chapel are adorned with vibrant frescoes by Michelangelo and other renowned artists. This place has been the residence of the Pope and is also being used for the election of a new Pope. Not to mention, the Vatican museums are one of the reasons why you must visit this country at least once. These renowned museums are one of the best places to visit in Vatican City. Boasting an extensive collection of art and historical treasures, these museums captivate your attention.

How can someone forget to visit the Vatican Gardens? The grandeur look and spectacular art sceneries draw everyone’s attention. Vatican Gardens are one of the most peaceful Vatican City tourist places to spend quiet time. Created by Pope Nicholas II in the 13th century, the vast green landscaped and grassy spaces charm every visitor. Another breathtaking attraction in Vatican City is Vatican Library. It is among the most awe-inspiring Vatican City tourist attractions. Vatican Library is the world’s richest library with 7000 incunabula, 25000 medieval hand-written, and 80000 manuscripts. Vatican Necropolis is another gem in the list of popular places to visit in Vatican City. Located below St. Peter’s Basilica, this archeological marvel is a treasure trove of Vatican City. This country may be small, but it has so much to explore and experience. Vatican City is an ideal tourist destination that stands as a testament to artistic brilliance, spiritual devotion, and human achievement.
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