Khor Virap Monastery, Yerevan (Armenia)

The Khor Virap (meaning "deep well") is an Armenian monastery located in the picturesqe Ararat mountains in Armenia, near the closed border with Turkey. Grigor Luisavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned here for 13 years before curing King Trdat III of a disease. This caused the conversion of the king and Armenia into the first officially Christian nation in the world in the year 301. Khor Virap is located on hillock in Pokr Vedi, the village which is 4 KM away from the main highway there. This is just 30 KM from Yerevan, the capital and most happening city of Armenia. What is most interesting thing about Khor Virap is its history. Khor Virap was used as royal prison

H11 near the village of Pokr Vedi 0612 Armenia
39.8780341 44.5764452

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