Geumsusan Taeyang Gungjeon, Pyongyang (North Korea)

The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun formerly the Kumsusan Memorial Palace and sometimes referred to as the Kim Il-sung Mausoleum is a building near the northeast corner of the city of Pyongyang that serves as the mausoleum for Kim Il-sung the founder of North Korea and for his son Kim Jong-il both posthumously designated as eternal leaders of North Korea. The palace was built in 1976 as the Kumsusan Assembly Hall and served as Kim Il-sungs official residence. Following the elder Kims death in 1994 Kim Jong-il had the building renovated and transformed into his fathers mausoleum. It is believed that the conversion cost at least 100 million. Some sources put the figure as high as 900 million. Inside the palace Kim Il-sungs embalmed body lies inside a clear glass sarcophagus. His head rests on a Korean-style pillow and he is covered by the flag of the Workers Party of Korea. Kim Jong-il is now on display in a room close to his fathers remains and positioned in a very similar way. At 115000 square feet Kumsusan is the largest mausoleum dedicated to a Communist leader and the only one to house the remains of multiple people.

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