Atomium, Brussels (Belgium)

The Atomium is a landmark building in Brussels Belgium originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels Worlds Fair. It is located on the HeyselHeizel Plateau in Laeken where the exhibition took place. Nowadays it is the citys most popular tourist attraction and serves as a museum an art center and a cultural place. The building is located on the Square de lAtomiumAtomiumsquare at the intersection of the Boulevard du CentenaireEeuwfeestlaan with the Avenue de lAtomiumAtomiumlaan and the Avenue de BouchoutBoechoutlaan and opposite the Centenary Palace of the Brussels Exhibition Centre. It is served by HeyselHeizel metro station on line 6 of the Brussels Metro.

Pl de l Atomium 1 1020 Brussels Belgium
50.894722 4.341111

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