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Why is the Philippines one of the admired destinations? Well, if you start to count the reasons on your fingers, those may not be enough. This picture-perfect country has everything, from soaring volcanoes and unspoiled coral reefs to verdant jungles and serene beaches, underground rivers, huge caves and some of the most enthralling waterfalls in the world. You can snorkel around World War II wrecks, camp out in the jungle, head deep inside the earth through limestone cave systems or just interact or live with the super friendly Filipinos who are known to be the most hospitable people around the world. And, on top of it all, The Philippines is undeniably cheap! With so much versatility in its portfolio of attractions, you’ll have a hard time taking in all the awesomeness in just a few weeks.
An archipelago in Southeast Asia comprising over 7,400 islands that dot the Pacific Ocean and adorn a long coastline of pristine white beaches, The Philippines is indeed naturally blessed and irresistibly beautiful. The reasons why the country’s official tourism slogan is “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” are plenty and each one is well worth mentioning. Not only are these beaches accompanied by emerald waters along with a lush cover of tropical forests, but they also feature the shades of sands ranging from pink to white and beige to even black. To start with an adventurous Philippines tour, head to the popular favourites - Boracay, Palawan, El Nido, Atwayan Beach and Siargao who have been consistently named as the best in the world. Apart from these beaches that are unmatched by any others around the world, you would be amazed by the natural wonders that the Philippines is home to. Be it the limestone outcrops at Ariel’s Point, an unusual underground river like Puerto Princesa, the Chocolate Hills, Taal Volcano or the UNESCO recognised Banaue Rice Terraces, you are sure to get captivated by the surreal beauty here. Besides all these said things, the Filipinos' hospitality is another reason for you to visit the country. Thanks to their smiles, authentic cuisine, unique culture and so much warmth, the Philippines often rank as the friendliest country in the entire Asia region. There are so many other unique attractions that come out as surprising adventures during your trip to the Philippines and each one is bound to leave you enthralled.

Set out on a memorable journey to the Philippines and explore the country’s marvels with Dook’s Philippines Holiday Packages.
Capital: Manila
Languages: Filipino and English
Currency: Philippine Peso
Driving Side: Left
Best Time to Travel: December to March is the best time to visit the Philippines. Whereas May and November cover the shoulder season and are ideal for tourists looking for less-crowded experiences

Explore the Philippines
Sitting at home, sipping your coffee while staring out the window and wishing you could be on a paradise island right now? The blue waves frothing at your feet, the breeze swinging your hair while the sun gently drenching your body in glimmering rays. The swinging hammocks with lush greenery in the backdrop, the calm roads lined with coconut trees and the people teaching you local Filipino words, pointing out the best places to visit or even offering you the delicacies to try. It sounds like a dream, right? The Philippines fittingly caters to your island break fantasy while it promises more fun beyond what is mentioned on various tourism brochures.

Whether you are up for adventurous surf in Siargao or a curious wreck dive in the Coron Island, out for a seafood tour in El Nido, getting beachy in Boracay, swimming with whale sharks or witnessing the world’s smallest monkey- the Tarsier, hiking volcanoes and hills or gazing at the magnificent rice fields, Philippines is a country full of amazement and adventure and promises more than just the scenery.

From adventure to relaxation experiences in the Philippines, Dook has got them all covered! Book your personalised Philippines Tour Packages with us today and submerge yourself in the surreal beauty of the country.
1. Manila: The Pearl of the Orient

You’ll likely begin your Philippines tour in the capital, Manila -a bustling metropolitan with happy Filipinos, insightful museums, parks, Spanish colonial architecture, street vendors and hyper-malls, colourful Jeepneys hopping around and a plethora of restaurants to choose from. From serving as the centre of culture and economy to being a busy mass of energy and industry, there are plenty of reasons which give this national capital the tag of “the Pearl of the Orient”.

Most of the travellers choose Manila simply as a gateway to other destinations in the Philippines including the famed beaches. However, it is highly recommended to spend your quality days in this thriving capital to soak in all the fun and vibrancy here before you surrender yourself to the calmer side of the Philippines. Manila is also a great place to fill your stomach, from street vendors to restaurants that serve iconic Pinoy dishes and street food markets like the Legazpi Sunday Market, Quiapo Market and the country’s very own Chinatown, Binondo. Do not forget to experience the sunset by Manila Bay and visit the ‘walled city’ of Intramuros. You won’t regret any of it!

2. Boracay Island: the postcard-perfect island paradise like no other!

While no single place sums up all the Pacific archipelago has to offer, Boracay comes close, making itself a smart choice for a matchless Philippines experience. This small island in the central Philippines has its beach paths typically awash with tourists making it the top tourist draw of the country and for several good reasons. Showing off its crystal-white beaches, dazzling coves and all types of water adventures, the island’s compact size, deluxe resorts and restaurants, Boracay inspires nothing but serious exploration.  

True to the fact that in Boracay, you'll never run out of exciting things to do, you have the opportunity to enjoy activities like island-hopping, diving, snorkelling, parasailing, kayaking and several dining options. Out of more than a dozen beaches in Boracay, none is more famous than the White Beach, a 4 km slice of heaven which takes centre stage as the best beach in the world. At the northern edge of White Beach, follow the cliff-bottom footpath to Diniwid which is a bit of a hidden treasure, also known for great sunset sightings. Bulabog Beach is a short walk from White Beach and another busy spot, as it’s the island’s main windsurfing and kiteboarding area. To pump up the adrenaline, hop off to the nearby Carabao Island where you can go cliff jumping into the sea and swim in submerged caverns. You can even go snorkelling where you swim along with the parrotfish, pufferfish and the other brilliant aquatic life found around Crocodile Island or just dance the night away around the fire and live music making your feet thump to the beats. Well, we can go on writing about the wide portfolio of Boracay’s attractions but nothing like experiencing it in person.

A vacation spent here is all about lounging outside or playing in the water, so make sure you let your hair down, unwind completely and relish the very essence of the Boracay vibes.

3. Cebu: combining the comforts of beach and city life

Perched on the island in the Visayas region, Cebu is the country’s second-biggest city and also the oldest. Cebu province features no less than 168 islands and islets and it, therefore, comes as no surprise that it is a prime beach holiday destination and most of the attractions drift towards the experience that surrounds ‘sun, sand and sea’. While the city fulfils all the requirements of an island paradise, it also combines all the conveniences of a modern metropolis where you can expect an active city, surrounded by shiny skyscrapers, high energy and a friendly vibe.

Undoubtedly, Cebu’s long stretches of white beaches fringed with coconut palms bestow a paradise island feel to the city while the pre-historic streets of Colon nearby Ayala Mall add to the vibe of a thriving metropolis. If you are a person who loves to dive in adventure, you can choose to go swimming with giant whale sharks in Oslob, go freediving in Moalboal, explore the most famous Kawasan Falls which is one of the most fantastic adventures or dive with thresher sharks in Malapascua. If you are a city explorer, head to the historical landmarks and religious sites, an array of Cebu’s gratifying restaurants or even try the street food that offers a mouth-watering mix of Chinese-inspired dishes and local Filipino staples. For the brave and willing eaters, Cebu is home to some of the most exotic dishes like bakasi (salt-water eels) and tuslob buwa (pig brains) that are sure to add spice and thrill to your holiday in this warm and comforting area of the Philippines.

4. Siargao: More than the ‘Surfing Capital of Philippines’

Once a well-kept secret in surfing circles, the island of Siargao has now slowly found its way up as one of the most beautiful islands and also the most sought-after destination in the world. This teardrop-shaped tiny island located at the northeastern coast of Mindanao is also known as the ‘Surfing Capital of the Philippines’ given that it is home to world-class surf spots, sparkling white sand islets, turquoise tide pools and palm tree-laden lagoons are just within meters of each other. Cloud 9, one of the surfing spots in Siargao, is the reason why it came to the radar of international travellers. But what adds to the excitement for even the non-surfers is that all these and more activities are within the vicinity of newly opened resorts and restaurants.
Ever since Siargao and its exceptionally laid back vibe has started to explode onto the traveller scene, the island has become quite popular due to its great snorkelling options, island hopping excursions including the delicious food that is too good to be ignored. While the triple island tour to Guyam Island, Daku Island and Naked Island is worth blocking off your entire day for, the surf spots at General Luna are well worth the journey. Looking for an ultimate fun island experience, then Sugba Lagoon at Del Carmen will have you covered. There are plenty of caves to go to in Siargao as well. Look for Sohoton Cove, Hagukan Cave, Magkukuob Cave, Balitas Cave and the Crystal Cave for a challenging and exciting experience bundled for your fun trip to Siargao.  

Bookmark the island of Siargao on your next Philippines tour, tell us the travel dates and leave the rest of your trip on us!

5. Palawan: a tropical chunk of heaven on earth

Palawan is one of the country's wealthiest provinces in terms of biodiversity and that is justified by its beautifully drawn out powdered beaches and towering limestone formations that are unlike any other. It is the home to both the main highlights- Tubbataha Reef and the breathtaking Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park which are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. Azure waters, wind-swept shoreline, swaying palm trees, crystal white beaches, limestone rocks, lush jungles, rich aquatic life calling the colourful reefs their home and tiny uninhabited islands surrounding the province- Palawan has every ingredient that constitutes a perfect tropical getaway. Suffice to say that Palawan trips are unequalled to any in the country and wherever you go, you won't run out of things to do.

Either you start your morning with a boat trip along a lagoon where you swim with turtles and manta rays, kayak above the corals, eat fresh fish on a little known island, make your way to Nagkalit-Kalit Falls and Napcan Beach or just laze around in the evening with a great massage on the beach- Life feels so good in Palawan. Against this beautiful backdrop of the paradisiacal province, several award winning resorts are leading the way toward a more sustainable future, who have kept in mind both the blend of native design and low carbon elements and the province’s keen efforts towards preserving its ecology and natural beauty.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Philippines

1. Soar over the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Sitting on the island of Bohol, the Chocolate Hills look like something otherworldly- just like the giant drops of Hershey’s chocolate kisses. What's unique with this picturesque landscape of limestone chocolate hills is that they are only covered in the grass while the cone shape is common to all although differing in sizes. The hills turn chocolaty brown only during the dry season in summer when the grass dries up and turns brown. These majestic Hills that have been designated as a National Geological Monument appear to be endless when viewed atop the hill in Carmen town while you also have the opportunity to see them from a viewing deck giving you a 360° view of the hills “as far as the eyes can see”.

2. Visit Palawan’s less-crowded, crowning jewel- Coron Island

Just ask about Coron to any Filipino and their eyes will light up just hearing the name of it as they have assertively declared Coron Island as the most beautiful place in the country. Located in the province of Palawan, Coron was once a sleepy fishing town that is now slowly waking up to welcome tourists. Here, you will find the picture-perfect landscape rock formations that break through the skies and reside in turquoise lagoons below them. Swim through the waters of Barracuda Lake or the ancient shipwrecks underwater, visit hidden lagoons, snorkel over beautiful reefs, lounge on white beaches- the adventures at Coron just never seem to stop. If Coron isn’t on your Bucket list already, pen it down without giving it another thought!

3. See the Hanging Coffins of Sagada

The members of the Igorot Tribe in Sagada province follow a unique burial ritual that has been long practised as the hanging of the coffins which are either nailed to the sides of the cliffs or inside the caves but always high above the ground. The elderly carve their own coffins out of hollowed logs. The reason the coffins were hung this way was due to the belief that the higher the dead were placed, the greater chance of their spirits reaching a higher nature in the afterlife. To this day, this age-old tradition continues to be performed but these can be only appreciated from afar. Do not forget to hire a guide as the location of the coffins is hard to reach.
4. A sight to behold- Banaue Rice Terraces is a must-visit!

Locally known as the Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan, The Banaue Rice Terraces are without a doubt the source of pride for all Filipinos. Because of their magnificence and unavoidable natural beauty, these lush rice terraces have been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and have also taken the centre stage in tourism highlights in the Philippines. Located at the foot of the Cordillera mountain ranges in the north, these terraces carved out of mountains with a sophisticated irrigation style are sure to take your breath away as you get lost by the astounding views that are too hard to miss when on a Philippines tour.

5. Jump off the Ariel’s Point and let the adrenaline rush for sheer excitement
Discovering Boracay’s famous diving spot, Ariel’s Point is like finding an all-new adventure haven. Ariel’s Point is a popular day-trip destination from Boracay that offers a wide range of outdoor activities including kayaking, snorkelling, paddle-boarding and the most famous cliff-diving/jumping. Start from the lowest jumping platform at 3 meters high or jump from as high as 15 meters up and plunge in the refreshing sea below. And the adrenaline rush as you leap into the air and splash into the blue ocean below is incomparable. This jump-off point attracts mostly young and adventurous travellers with its drink deals and thrill-inducing cliff jumps. Once you are done with the adventure, enjoy a hearty BBQ lunch and continue your island hopping just as you like.

6. Experience a slice of surfing thrill in Cloud 9

Being a tropical country, it is common in the Philippines that tourists opt to go to the beaches and relish in the related activities there beyond the comforting sun heat and lazy lounging which includes surfing. Siargao Island which is known to be the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” is home to some of the finest surfing spots out of which Cloud 9 takes the lead. Surfing in Cloud 9 is a perfect barrelling reef break that can be both fun and challenging. The wave works best on typhoon swells from chest-shoulder high up to triple overhead at peak high tide. On a clean easterly swell and offshore SW wind, Cloud 9 can be mechanically perfect, with a guaranteed barrel on every wave.

7. Venture off the beaten path to Puerto Princesa

The capital city of Palawan, Puerto Princesa is clean, pristine and all that is naturally spectacular. Though it is most popularly known for its crowning jewel- the Underground River, this beautiful tiny destination is also home to many natural, cultural and culinary wonders. To start your journey, you can take a ride through the calm waters of Puerto Princesa which goes under the mountain as well as fall free from one of the limestone cliffs right into the ocean water. Make your way to the nearby Honda Bay, sail over the swift waters of the subterranean river, spot the wildlife in the national park, treat yourself to a hearty buffet lunch or just stroll the city on foot and marvel at the prehistoric gems.

Unlock the Thrill in your Heart with Some Daring Adventures

Andrenaline-pumping adventures await you in the Philippines. There are numerous outdoor activities and water sports that you can try around the country. From caving to hiking, trekking, and whatnot, you can experience everything on your Philippines packages. Its never-ending thrill is something that keeps travelers coming back to this sought-after destination. The name of the few exciting activities is mentioned below that you can enjoy in the Philippines:

Caving Adventure
Whitewater rafting
Ultralight Flying
Canyon Swing
Shipwrecking Diving
Scuba diving
Kite Surfing
Sightseeing Tours
Underground River Tour
Historic Tour
Bird Watching
Jungle Training
Cliff Climbing

Explore the Top Attractions on your Philippines Tour

The Philippines is a perfect destination for a luxurious and quaint holiday experience. Being home to over 7000 islands, it naturally features countless natural and human-made attractions. From sparkling beaches to impressive historic sites, the Philippines offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do look forward to adding these incredible attractions to your Philippines holiday packages for a more fulfilling time:

San Augustin Church
Malapascua Island
Tubbataha Reef
Mayon Volcano
Puerto Galera
Puerto Princesa Underground River
Chocolate Hills
Banaue Rice Terraces
Sudlon National Park
Bantay Bell Tower
Philippine Eagle Center
Coron Island
Apo Island Marine Reserve

Explore More: Attractions in Philippines

Experience the Delightful Culinary at Top Places to Eat in the Philippines

Besides the home to stunning beaches, entertainment centers, and incredible islands, the Philippines is a treat for all food aficionados. There are many outlets offering the famous cuisines of the Philippines- everything from seafood to traditional dishes. If you have bought the Philippines tour packages and are ready to fly to the destination, note down all the following restaurants offering good food:

Antonio’s Restaurant
Casa Verde
Abe’s Restaurant
Bar Pintxos BGC
Benjarong Thai Restaurant
Bondi & Bourke
China Blue
Crystal Dragon
Finestra Italian Steakhouse
Bistro Remedios
Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant
Le Bar
Cafe Ilang-Ilang

Best Time to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines is a tourist hotspot where thousands of travelers flock to spend quality time. It is a tropical paradise comprised of thousands of islands that offer a natural playground for travelers to explore. Collectively, the Philippines features an array of natural wonders. If you are heading for a Philippines tour, you must figure out the ideal time for your vacation.

Although the Philippines is a year-round destination, travelers prefer to choose the best time to indulge in other activities besides beach-hopping. The peak season to visit the Philippines is November-April, when the weather is dry and pleasant. It is also the best time to experience the culture and traditions of the Philippines by being part of fascinating events. You can check out the Philippines tour packages for November to April and relish a wonderful time.

Handy Travel Tips for Your Philippines Tour

Every year, millions of tourists flock to the Philippines for an ultimate vacation amidst beautiful Greenland, scenic beauties, sandy beaches, and verdant mountains. This time, if you are planning to head to the Philippines for living a fulfilling time, here are a few travel tips that can help you prepare for everything. If you have purchased the Philippines tour packages, the next step is to jot down these tips:

The Philippines gives significant importance to travel smart. So, you need to be a responsible traveler while wandering here and there in the country.
Choose the best time to visit the Philippines. As a tropical country, it may offer unexpected weather conditions. Most travelers travel during the dry months, as rain is rare during this time.
You will be amazed to know that the Philippines has 120 to 180 languages and dialects, including English, Spanish, and Filipino. Have a little knowledge of the Filipino language as sometimes locals use this language to converse with tourists.
The best part about your Philippines tour will be the people of this country. They are kind and extremely incredible to interact with.
In the Philippines, drugs are barred. So, avoid involving in any kind of drug activity.
You can use Jeepneys and Tricycles to get around the country.
Carry cash with you. Though you can use your cards, many locals prefer to accept the transaction in cash only.

Book a Tour Package with Dook and discover for yourself why it’s more fun in the Philippines

The Philippines isn’t just about its beautiful beaches and islands; it blends in everything that a traveller is looking for, be it culture, history, nature or its big-heartedly smiling people. Don’t think twice about whether it’s worth booking a trip to the Philippines because it surely is. And once you book your Philippines Tour Packages with Dook, you will most likely find yourself looking forward to your next trip with us again. Start planning your trip, check out our best Philippines Holiday Packages and gear up for the best adventure you’ll ever have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What language is most commonly used in the Philippines?
Answer: The people of the Philippines know many languages, but they mostly converse in English and Filipino.

Question: Which currency is used in the Philippines?
Answer: The currency of the Philippines is the Peso. But you can also use US Dollars and Euros in most parts of the country.

Question: Is the Philippines a family-friendly holiday destination?
Answer: Yes. The Philippines is a perfect holiday spot for a family vacation. Dook even offers family-friendly Philippines tour packages. You can visit many tourist attractions and spend quality time with your family at the beach. You will find many adventure sports that you can experience with your family.
Question: What kind of clothes should I pack for the Philippines tour?
Answer: You should pack lightweight, comfortable, and flowy clothes with breathable fabrics. However, you should also pack formal clothing for religious places.

Question: Do the Philippines offer adventurous activities?
Answer: Yes. There are many adventurous sports that you can enjoy, such as Kayaking, Caving adventure, hiking, trekking, kite surfing, ziplining, and more.