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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Moldova

Old Orhei



Clisova Noua

Soroca Fortress



Bendery Fortress

Bendery is a city which is part of the historic region of Bessarabia, and today is officially known as Bender. Out of all the cities in Transdniestr, this is the greener on among them. During the civil war, the city underwent through rough turmoil and some its remains are there in the form of bullet holes. But, despite its history, yet the city is full of life with fun and friendly people



Mihai Codreanu Memorial House - the Sonnet Villa


Chisinau is the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. It’s the largest city and commercial centre of the country. Located in the middle of the country, the city is modern and friendly and has many attractions to offer visitors. Like any other cities, there’s no shortage of cafes, nightclubs, art galleries, casinos and spas. It is Moldova tourist attractions popular for places like Pushkin Park, Orange pyramid, Nativity cathedral and many others.

Tipova Monastery

It’s located in the most remote part of the country and comprises of three complexes. The oldest complex amongst them is the Church of the Feast of the Holy Cross while the two are the church of St. Nicholas and Horodiste. At the end of the path to the caves, there’s a beautiful waterfall.

Saharna Monastery

Saharna is a small village which is now becoming Moldova tourist attractions and very popular among tourists. At this village, there’s a beautiful monastery called The Holy Trinity Monastery which is breathtakingly beautiful. Anyone who visits the place come for peace and serenity that permeates the place. It’s also a pilgrimage for Christians as the footprint on the rock is believed to be of Virgin Mary’s

Soroca City

Throughout Moldova’s history, the city has played a very important role in its location on the Dniester River. It was this point of the area that armies were able to defend the country from any kind of attack. The Soroca fortress was an important site as it was a military stronghold built in the 14th century.

Capriana Monastery

Capriana is one of the oldest monasteries in the country, located in a lush green forest. Completed in the 15th century, it used to be the home of the Moldavian bishop. The largest convent library is also on its premises which were reopened in 1989 after years of neglect. Codru is another big attraction which is also the oldest nature reserve in Moldova

Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi is just a few hours away from the capital city of Moldova and it’s an incredible sight to see in the country. It’s an archaeological building with rich historical and cultural significance. For things to do in Moldova, this is a place of natural beauty which features ruins, monasteries, fortifications, baths and caves which all date back to the Dacian tribes

Manastirea Curchi

It’s one of the most beautiful monasteries in the country and has even won an award for it. Manastirea Curchi is a must place to visit in Moldova and has a complex which is made of several abbeys, churches, and refectory and monk cells. It’s got the inspiration for its architecture for the Bessarabia style. At the centre of the complex is the Mother of God Church


Transdniestr is supposed to be the oddest place in Eastern Europe. It’s been declared an independent republic but it’s still officially still apart of Moldova. The country has its own currency and police system and borders which still hold on to the Soviet aesthetic culture throughout the region. It’s one of the strangest places but visiting the country is one of the things to do in Moldova


Gagauzia is a region ma up of three town and 27 villages with the culture and history hugely influenced by Turkey. Although, the people in the region are Christians, yet most of them have ancestors who were Muslim refugees fleeing from place to place. Most of them had to convert to stay in the region. With its distinct history and culture, it’s become Moldova tourist attractions

Valea Morilor Park

The park is just minutes walk away from the city centre and yet its world apart. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country and perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle life of the city. There are many people who come to the park and relax or do other activities. In the summer time, it’s a perfect place to take some steam off the heat.

Cricova Winery Underground Wine Cellar

This is the second largest wine cellar in the country producing about two-thirds of wine consumed in Russia. But, now Russia has banned taking Moldovan wine due to some diplomatic issues. The country has had a very long history in producing and consumption of wine and there’s no better place to see the wine cellar than taking a tour to Cricova Winery Underground Wine Cellar

Nativity Cathedral Chișinau

The cathedral is in the heart of the city. It’s the main cathedral built in the 1830s in neoclassical design. One of its halls has been turned into an exhibition centre. The whole area of the cathedral will give a feeling of serene ambience to all its visitors. The interiors are adorned with fine creative art and fine architecture.

National Museum of History of Moldova

The museum is located in the central of the city and takes a visitor on a tour to the past and history of the country. It’s of historical importance and one of the most significant museums in the country. The museum houses at least 165,000 collections of an item related to its national heritage. If you are thinking of things to do in Chisinau, get an insight into the history of the country with an intriguing exhibition and masterpieces.

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is one of Chisinau tourist attractions. It worth a visit to see and know the political views organised in the parliament. It’s the supreme body and the only state legislative authority in the country. The president of the country is elected by the Parliament with a minimum of 52 votes of the members of the Parliament.

National Museum of Fine Arts

It’s one of Chisinau attractions for art lovers mainly and another tourist alike. It a great place to see the fine art of the country and the talent of the artist. It’s a marble-floor art gallery who houses some of the most exquisite artworks. The interiors of the place are amazing to gaze as they have the most creative and beautiful interiors of the world

Ștefan Cel Mare Central Park

The oldest park in the country stretches over 7 hectares of the area. It features a beautiful waterfall with a lush green park with ample of birds all over the place. The park is very quiet and a peaceful place to come and relax from the hustle and bustle life of the city and the crowd. The park is also known as Park of Lovers as it’s a popular meeting spot for couples.

Triumphal Arch, Chișinau

Triumphal arch, Chișinău is situated next to the Nativity Cathedral built in 1840 to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire. The monument was made with smelted copper of the canons which the Russians got from the Ottoman Empire. Initially, the bell was made for the cathedral’s belfry but it happened to be too big and this installed in this arch

Chișinau Botanical Garden

Chișinău Botanical Garden was founded in 1950 located in the capital city and covers 76 hectares of area. In 2001, a large portion of the garden was given to lease to private companies which then established zoo, playgrounds, restaurants and ice cream parlours. It’s one of the most relaxing and clean places to visit in Chisinau

Chisinau Zoo

The zoo is surrounded by lush greenery with interesting animals to see as Banteng, tigers, Przewalski horse, European beaver, leopard and zebra, the Turkmen kulan, lion, lynx bear and monkeys. There are many species of birds, including the black vulture, mandarin duck step eagle, and the barnacle goose. The surrounding and landscape of the zoo are beautiful all throughout the seasons.

Things to Do in Moldova

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