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Top Shymkent Tour Packages

Despite being the third-largest city in Kazakhstan, Shymkent has more rural atmosphere. It serves as a suitable starting point to explore other regions of the Kazakh desert, such as Turkestan and Taraz, thanks to its abundance of parks with unique sculptures and monuments. Additionally, it's a common halt for people travelling by land to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Start your grand tour of the country at Shymkent by availing one of Dook International’s Shymkent Tour Packages that you can pre-book and pay after your vacation!

Things to know about Shymkent (Kazakhstan) Shymkent

Situated at the southern part of Kazakhstan, Shymkent is one of the biggest cities. The core of this bustling city and its bazaars are very active. It was chosen as one of the "Best Capitals in CIS" in 2011. The country's leafy street, which is comparatively close to the borders with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, is where the most activity is found. Get to know all about the city using Dook Travels’ Shymkent Tour Packages!

The name of the city was Chimkent up until 1993. Genghis Khan seized it in the beginning of the 12th century, and it grew into a significant agricultural centre that was constantly the target of attacks. The Silk Road halt over here was destroyed by the Mongols, but it was restored once Russia seized control. Today, it is a thriving commercial hub where the nation's oil is refined and beer is brewed. With a few impressive examples of opulent architecture, as well as religious and historical landmarks, Shymkent City is a bit brash and modern. Additionally, the nation has grown its ecotourism industry, and there are several excellent locations for hunting, fishing and mountaineering.

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Experiences in Shymkent

There’s plenty to look at in Shymkent. Make sure not to miss anything using one of our Shymkent Packages! This includes multiple museums and cultural centers. There are several religious monuments as well, so everyone can get an idea of the cultural and religious history of Kazakhstan and its amazing people. There’s also activities like bowling and pool, hippodrome, hockey and ice skating rinks, and outdoor sports activities all across Shymkent Tour.

Top Attractions in Shymkent

It is recommended to focus all of your time and energy on viewing the sights and experiencing the city's bustling areas when you first arrive. We must acknowledge that Shymkent, one of Kazakhstan's three largest cities, is absolutely awash in historical and cultural landmarks. These monuments can be seen in one day and provide unforgettable recollections. It is worth getting up early to leave the city and see as much of this unspoilt nature as you can for the sake of being surrounded by such natural beauty. There are also several museums and parks, plus cultural and religious monuments including Museum of Victims of Political Repression and Shymkent Museum of Natural History. We have many choices for you through our Shymkent Holiday Packages, hence make sure while planning your trip here you have enough time in hand to try out something authentic!

Plan A Trip To Shymkent

When you initially arrive, it is advised to try to devote all of your time and attention in taking the sights and exploring the city's busy districts. One of Kazakhstan's three main cities, Shymkent, is unquestionably swamped in historical and cultural sites. These monuments are easily accessible and offer lifelong memories.

Top Travel Experiences in Shymkent

One of the most well-liked destinations for leisure activities for both locals and tourists is Ken Baba Ethnic Theme Park. It is almost in the exact middle of the city. One must enter via the main entrance's gable roof before entering an entirely different environment filled with lush foliage, swan reservoirs, fountains, and even a waterfall! There are a tonne more themes and attractions, included in our Shymkent Tour Packages like a safari on the beach, an incredible miniature of Kazakhstan, a gallery of gifted artists, a community of artisans, a tonne of gift shops, and pleasant cafes.

There are a number of sacred places in Shymkent that are a must visit for all those who travel there. The Domalak Ana Mausoleum, a magnificent architectural landmark from the eleventh century, lies around 90 kilometres from the city. Women frequently gather here to pray for procreation, marital contentment, and health.

Within 10 kilometres of Shymkent, in the ancient city of Sayram, one can visit the excavations of what was once Ispijab, a sizable mediaeval city. Rich Great Silk Road caravans passed through this site, where trade and culture were thriving. The prophet Khizir, whose name is referenced in the sacred book of Islam, the Koran, has been immortalised in the minaret, serving as the greatest reminder of the existence of this historic centre of nomadic civilisation.

The centrepiece of Turkistan's museum-reserve is the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi (about 170 km from Shymkent). This well-known theologian, sophist, and philosopher was well-liked by the neighbourhood Muslims during his time in the XII century. The architecture and design of the mausoleum, which was erected in accordance with Ameer Tamerlane's instructions, is astounding.

Numerous pilgrims and travellers flock to the majestic and very old Ibrahim Ata Mausoleum, which is situated in the centre of a lush oasis. It developed into one of the most striking illustrations of mediaeval architecture. Visit all of them by booking one of our Shymkent Holiday Packages!

Top Things to Do in Shymkent

Visit the War Memorial and Alley of Glory if you're looking for things to do in Shymkent. Many Shymkent residents sacrificed their lives in battle with the Soviet army during World War II. There is a single memorial that lists the names of everyone who passed away, and there are smaller memorials that list the names of the soldiers who died while serving in the war against Afghanistan.

Sayram is around 10 miles from Shymkent, which is home to numerous mausoleums and sacred locations. It's a great location for day trips or afternoon excursions to view the historical and religious monuments. People are shopping and purchasing items on the street in the town's major intersection and bazaar, which is packed and chaotic. We have many choices for you through our Dook International Shymkent Packages, so plan your trip accordingly.

What to Buy in Shymkent?

On Taukexana street in Park Ken Ba Ba, there are quality gift shops. They market dishes, figurines, leather products, stuffed animals, keychains, and stuffed camels. Also well-known in Kazakhstan is fine, handcrafted silver jewellery. Aina Bazaar is a great place to buy food and other items (some clothes, Chinese electronics, burned CDs with Kazakh music, etc.). a little ways outside of the city, yet frequently served by public transportation. Fruit and fresh veggies may be found at Koktem Bazaar.

To experience true oriental flavour, one should visit the massive and raucous Shymkent bazaars. The most well-known of these are Samal Bazaar, which sparkles enticingly with exquisite gold and silver ornaments, the Upper Market, where rave of bright colours and scents of spices and herbs, endless rows full of oriental sweets and fruits will leave you in awe; Bekjan Bazaar, which is constantly pleasing its customers with clothing for every taste and budget.

In addition to the aforementioned, Shymkent Tour contains huge number of bazaars, as well as retail malls, water parks, as well as numerous cafes, restaurants, pubs, and billiards halls.

Best Travel Tips for Travelers

There are plenty of accommodation and loads of restaurants nearby. If you are travelling to Shymkent for the first time and are confused as to where to book and what the best deals are, keep yourself hassle-free and book one of our exclusive Shymkent Holiday Packages. It will cover all in a budget friendly manner.

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