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Top Paros Tour Packages

Welcome to Paros, an island that houses diverse divine villages and beaches. Home to the famous Byzantine landmark Panagia Ekatontapiliani, Paros has its own aura of cultural, historical, modern, and spiritual influence over travellers. Among the Cyclades Islands, Paros is one of the top locations perfect for a long and relaxing holiday. A well-planned trip beforehand is a must when visiting Paros, as you will not be able to distract your eyes from the awestruck beauty the land holds. Or you can leave it up to the professionals. Get a Paros Tour Package and relax back witnessing the mesmerising beaches and villages of the land.

About Paros (Greece) Paros

Paros, located in the Aegean Sea is widely known for its famous elegant and glamour beaches and its vibrant villages. The best way to visit Paros is by air where you can land at any of the Cyclades Islands Airports and take a cruise to Paros or land at the Naxos Airport. To experience Paros to its fullest the best time to visit is between April to October.

Starting by taking a long nap on the sands of the world-famous Krios Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Kolymbithres Beach, and Golden Beach or beginning with visiting the magnificent villages like Naoussa, Parikia, Lefkes, Marpissa or Prodromos. Each place has its own excellence, but nothing is better than starting your tour with the famous Greek coffee from a traditional cafe. Grab some incredible deals from the Paros Tour Packages with Dook International. You won't regret anything that the destination offers you on your visit.

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Experiences in Paros

Paros, a Cyclades island that has its own versatility lets you enjoy to your fullest with numerous fun and adventure-filled experiences. Whether you enjoy your romantic honeymoon at Lefkes, dive into the cultural richness at Chora village, enjoy a family trip to Paroikia, or connect deeply with yourself at Kastro, Paros presents itself to you the way you want it to explore and witness.

Top Attractions in Paros

Plan A Trip To Paros

Paros, one of the exciting members of the Cyclades Island family. Nothing is more divine and exciting than a holiday at Paros. While you plan your trip to Paros to feel the once-in-a-lifetime serendipity, make sure you do not miss out on anything on the list. Or else, you can try our famous Paros Holiday Packages carefully crafted to give you the perfect trip you are expecting of.

The diversity of tourists at Paros is immense. One can see tourists trying out the fancy cocktails that Paros has to offer, contrary to that, they witness some reading their favourite novels on the shores. Despite such diversity, one thing that aligns with all the tourists is their sightseeing tours.

Most tourists prefer to begin their tour from Paroikia. Paroikia is the capital of Paros. A delightful village with Cycladic white-washed structured houses and neoclassical architectural manors. When in this capital city of Paros, the two attractions one should never miss- the visit to the great Venetian castle is a must. The Castle located at a higher altitude offers the most incredible view of Paros. Next, is the ancient church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani, built in the 6the century BC.

Next, the favoured destination of the travellers is the Pontua Port. The ferry ride from Pontua to Antiparos Island is surreal. The island of Antiparos has amazing white-washed buildings with blue-coloured tops. A walk through the narrow streets of the island, which are decorated with bougainvillaeas and eucalyptus on both sides of the streets makes you feel like an Egyptian God or Goddesses. After experiencing the streets of the mystical island, travellers head straight to the main town Chora. Strolling through Chora town and visiting the markets selling the local goodies is the first thing to do when in Chora. This is the niche where the authentic cultural heritage that Paros holds can be glimpsed. Walking past the market of Chora, stands a series of two-storey dwellings glorifying the conventional Venetian architecture, known as the Kastro.

After the adventurous ferry ride, the tour follows the street of Paros which leads to the majestic fisherman village, Piso Livadi. The delicious aroma from taverns lined up in the street of Piso Livadi by the sea makes the guts crave some local delicacies. The fresh fish and seafood items sold in those time-honoured taverns are worth- devouring.

As the mid-day approaches, after a generous lunch in the seaside taverns of Piso Livadi, travellers chose to relax at the marvellous village of Lefkes. Surrounded by olive and pine trees, Lefkes is situated on a hill providing the most panoramic view of the Naxos Islands. Visiting Lefkes is accompanied by a short hike. To zeal up again after the hike, travellers enjoy the famous Greek coffee from the traditional kafenio located at Lefkes.

As the day dawns, visiting the fisherman village of Naoussa is next to nothing. Bearing the infamous Cycladic style, the churches, the chapels, the houses, and the narrow paved streets are a sight to behold as you come close to the end of an exciting day at Paros.

Entering the nightlife of Paros is one of the best attractions of the trip. Out of all the Cycladic Islands, Paros stands the third place which offers extraordinary nightlife to travellers here. Travellers welcome the light of Paros by strolling over the seaside as the sun sets or sitting on a beachside bar at Parikia enjoying one of the fancy cocktails of Paros. This capital city comes alive with a delightfully contrasting theme at night. With numerous lavish bars, age-old clubs, and loud smacking music, the party goes on all night long.

On the contrary, many travellers choose to enjoy the Paros nightlife at Naoussa. Those who wish to enjoy the authentic conventional nightlife of Paros visit this place. The small town bars alongside its streets will make them feel like the main character in a classic old movie.

With many tiny villages and monumental architecture, Paros has its beauty hidden in all its corners. From the stunning waterfront to the beauty of its mainland, make sure to enjoy each and every gem of the land. Plan your Paros Tour with Dook International. The Paros Tour Packages is an all-inclusive package that provides you with everything from pick-up from the airport, accommodation, and sightseeing, to drop-off at the airport. Choose from the wide range of Paros Packages available, and enjoy a safe and comfortable stay in Paros. Dook International offers tours to travellers from almost every country. For instance, if you are from India, you can take up the Paros Tour Packages from India, which includes airport pickup, accommodation, sightseeing, to drop-off at the airport.

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