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Top Kusadasi Tour Packages

Kusadasi is an Aegean gulf region of Turkey. It is a hotspot for tourists all over the world, and with its turquoise sparkling water, marina, elegant beaches, historical relics, amazing nightlife, traditional delicacies, and open-air markets it is worth a stay. The pleasant atmosphere of the land and its seafood are worth another mention. Our all-inclusive Kusadasi Tour Packages will take you through all the topographies of Bird Island. From airport transfers, hotel accommodations, and guided tours, to your longings, we will take care of it all at the best prices guaranteed.

Top things to know about Kusadasi (Turkey) Kusadasi

The beach town of Turkey, Kusadasi enjoys the pleasant Mediterranean climate. A land where you can witness the great fusion of land-sea duo to its maximum. The best way to travel to this city is by air and land at its Efes Airport or those travelling from Europe can travel through the cold breeze of the sea waters on a cruise and land on to the city in its famous international port. The best time to visit this paradise land is June to September. Do not forget to convert your currency to TRY before starting on your Kusadasi Tour.

When in Kusadasi, never miss out on the Turkish massage and the local wine from the Sirince village. To please your orifices is the House of the Virgin Mary, where it is said that she spent their last days, the nightlife in the Old Caravansary, and a lot more. Enjoy the traditional food of Kusadasi, Gozleme. The Sulu Somun, if you are visiting during Ramadan. The cold coffee brew as you relax on the beach is never to be missed. Add shopping to your itinerary list when in Kusadasi, from international brands to local goodies, you can get your hands on all.

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Experiences in Kusadasi

From getting your spiritual chakras activated amidst the natural veil of Kusadasi, to going back in history among the ancient relics, an experience in Kusadasi can be defined as 'unexplainable surreal'. Spend quality time with your family strolling through the beaches or going sight-seeing, enjoy the delicacies Kusadasi has to offer, and end your night diving into the Ottoman traditions in Kusadasi- go on a cruise, shop in the local markets, watch the night shows. The fun never seems to end here!

Top Attractions in Kusadasi

The top attractions in Kusadasi can never be counted on your fingers. Out of the myriad options, the gigantic Zmir Clock Tower and the House of the Virgin Mary are top attractions not a single tourists miss to witness. Each attraction in Kusadasi speaks its history and glories itself. The beauty and the historical richness of the relics, as it synchronises with the Kusadasian air, is the elixir of happiness in itself.

Plan A Trip To Kusadasi

Kusadasi, a beach town on the Aegean coast of Turkey hosts millions of tourists all year round. With the seafront promenade, luxurious harbour and beach restaurants Kusadasi is power packed with zillions of activities that set a fresh connotation of fun for the tourists. A Kusadasi Tour is certain to bestow the tourists an eternity where the spirit is full of blooms, fun, and festive.

With such huge alternatives for entertainment, tourists can choose their own tranquillity zones the way they want. Planning a trip under Kusadasi Tour Packages will take you to the top attractions be it water, nature, or culture so that you get to know in-depth the heart and soul of this magical beach land.

To help you plan a trip to Kusadasi, let us take you on a tour journey from one of our most coveted Kusadasi Tour Packages from India. As you get ready for an adventurous day, the tour takes you to the ancient city of Ephesus. The city is one of the reasons behind Kusadasi being a well-known tourist destination. The remains are said to be from the Greco-Roman era and are one of the most well-preserved relics in the world. The restored climacterics from this archaic city include the ancient Terrace dwellings, the Celsius Library, the Hadrian Temple, and Curates Street. The city signifies the glorious culture and tradition of Kusadasi.

After witnessing such a marvellous landmark the tour proceeds to the Green Hills of Selcuk to the House of the Virgin Mary. The typical-looking House of the Virgin Mary is similar to the native houses of the neighbourhood. It is said to be the place where the Virgin Mary spent their last days before the eternal rest of life. Built with stones, the holy place is the pilgrimage site for both Muslims and Catholics. The town of Selcuk is the fusion of the Roman, Greek and Islamic civilisation. On the lap of Selcuk sits the phenomenal Temple of Artemis, Isa Bey Camii, and Saint John's Basilica.

The Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is also the first building that used marble for the first time. The temple was dedicated to the Olympian goddesses of the moon and hunting. It has many intriguing histories that you can feel reflecting from the walls of the structures narrating it to you at its loudest tone.

Ensuing is the harbour city of Priene. An antique commercial port city that was full of hustle and bustle around 300 to 45 BC. The ruins that one witness today is the animosity of the river Meander. The city was relinquished in the 2nd AD. Out of the precious ruins, the Greek Amphitheatre and the Ruins of the Temple of Apollo are the primary attractions. The Greek Amphitheatre had the capacity to entertain 6500 folks in seating.

Find yourself at Didyma at one time on your Kusadasi Tour. Home to the second largest Greek temple - The Temple of Apollo and the esteemed Oracle of Didyma, the most important oracle in the world, next to the Oracle of Delphi. Witness the gigantic towers which were once 122 in number. A stroll around this magnificent and divine location is a must if you want to dive deep into the history of Turkey, as it is one of the highly preserved Greek Temples.

Next, it's time for some local wine testing. Apart from the wines, the village of Sirince nestled within the laps of the green nature above the Seljuk hills is also famous for scenic nature lovers. The astonishing churches and dwellings all over the area itself are a view to witness. This great land was the home of the European slaves after they were liberated from Ephesus. Their tales of freedom still linger in the air.

Now, comes the spot where you can relax your 9-5 working body and mind to give it the utmost relaxation. Take up the famous Turkish massage in Kusadasi. Make sure to let your wish know beforehand so that it is included in your Kusadasi Packages and free yourself from getting on with the reservation procedures.

Coming to the natural aspect, the Dilek National Park seems like paradise with its diverse flora and fauna. Take a stroll alongside the Aegean coastline, and visit the hiding place of Zeus from Poseidon- the Zeus Cave. The natural reserve also has 4 majestic beaches. Get on your swimsuit and play with the waves in any one of them.

Kusadasi is also a famous shopping hub. Even if you shop to your last penny, it would not seem enough. From International shopping brands to local street fashion, you get it all. The best of all is to shop near the Kusadasi port. Bargaining is a quintessential fun activity when shopping from local street merchants. Time to check on your bargaining skills and grab some of the best souvenirs of Kusadasi for yourself or your family and friends back home.

Close to the central port of Kusadasi is the Old Caravansary, worth a tour! A place where tradition and culture still overpower contemporary. The caravansary belongs to the Ottoman reign and was built in 1618. A place where one gets to experience the typical Ottoman nightlife. Go on a cruise to enjoy your last meal of the day, or go to an elegant Turkish restaurant to relish the Turkish cultural dishes followed by indulging yourself on a comfortable seat to relish your eyes with the infamous Turkish night shows, and finally strolling across the energetic twilight markets of Kusadasi.

Never to miss is the Zmil Clock Tower. The traditional and uniquely designed clock tower was built in 1996. It is a four-storey square plan building with a circular clock dial and a roof in a pyramidal shape. The twilight view of the tower with its light is simply captivating.

Witnessing such diverse fun in Kusadasi needs a planned route to enjoy it to the fullest. And, instead of you planning for it from the scratch, let us help plan the best trip for you. Dook International has grown to be one of the most demanded tours and it has served over 500 destinations to date. The Dook Kusadasi Holiday Packages are customizable as per your preference ensuring the utmost comfort and safety during the course of your trip. We wish you all the best on your trip to Kusadasi!

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