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Top Kandy Tour Packages

Kandy is one of the cultural capitals of Sri Lanka. A highly popular tourist destination, due to its rich heritage and window into Sinhalese culture, Kandy is a great place to visit with the whole family. Dook International offers a variety of Kandy Tour Packages for those who are interested in the beautiful, culturally rich city in Sri Lanka. They are available at different price points and different number of days to provide everyone with a variety of options, to ensure there is something for everyone and making it accessible. Make your Kandy Tour as easy as possible by pre-booking one of these packages and enjoying the rest of your holiday stress-free!

Things to know about Kandy (Sri Lanka) Kandy

One of the top tourist destinations and the Sri Lanka's cultural hub is Kandy City. The city has a lengthy history of culture. The word "Kanda," which means "hill," is where the name Kandy first appeared. The famous Kandy Perahara festival, which typically takes place in July and August, makes Kandy tours during this time very well-liked. It served as Sri Lanka's final capital throughout the reign of its ancient monarchs. The Kandy plateau, which cuts across a region of tropical plantations, primarily tea plantations, is where the city is located. The capital of the Central Province, Kandy is a city of administration and religion.

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Experiences in Kandy

Kandy is a great experience for those who wish to see the cultural elements of Sri Lanka. There is also plenty of sight-seeing, with a lot of tourist attractions in and around the city. It is also a haven for shoppers, and one can buy anything, from handicrafts to clothes, here. Make sure to not miss anything by booking one of Dook’s Kandy Holiday Packages, ensuring you get the most out of your visit!

Top Attractions in Kandy

Due to the enormous popularity of the Temple of the Tooth Relic—named after the precious tooth of the Buddha that is venerated here—Kandy is a revered Buddhist destination. One of the top tourist attractions in Kandy is the Buddha Tooth, which is extremely important to Sri Lanka's Buddhist community. The location is a mountain lover's dream and a backpacker's, adventurers and camper's heaven. Bahirawakanda Temple is the best spot to go if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

Plan A Trip To Kandy

The main point of attraction in Kandy is the unique Temple of the Tooth. One of the most well-known Kandy sights, this stunning temple in the heart of the city is believed to be the location of Buddha's tooth. is referred to as the sacred tooth relic. The tooth is stored behind glass and is visible upon request. It's a 17th-century temple and unquestionably a very unusual location to visit in Sri Lanka. It also presents a great opportunity to learn more about Buddhism. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site, and to get the most out of it, it is recommended to visit earlier in the morning to avoid the crowds and to also be mindful of local holidays. The interiors of the temple are beautifully decorated with carved woodwork, lacquer and ivory.

Other beautiful temples to get into the spirituality of the area are Lankatilika Temple and Gadaladeniya Temple. One of the best-preserved specimens of traditional Sinhalese temple architecture is thought to be the Lankatilaka Temple.  The temple, which is carved out of rock, is accessible through a lengthy flight of steps. Through a Mandapa (hall), the image house's arched passageway leads to the inner sanctum, which is adorned with flowery patterns. Paintings are used to embellish the ceiling, two side walls, and other areas. A sizable statue of the Buddha sitting is located in the inner sanctuary.  The Gadaladeniya Temple has a Devale linked to it that has a South Indian design and a personality akin to the Natha Devale and the Gedige of Adahana Maluwa. A statue of the seated Buddha and the remnants of some Gampola-era paintings can be found in the main shrine room. Dodanwala Devalaya (shrine), Embekka Devalaya (shrine), Galmaduwa Vihara (temple), Handagala Vihara (temple), Medawala Vihara, and Nalanda Gedige are a few of the  other significant temples in the area of Kandy.

Several surrounding tourist attractions are also worth visiting while in Kandy. The magnificent Huluganga Falls on the Hulu River are located in the sleepy town of Dumbara, 30 kilometres from the capital. One cannot deny the waterfall's popularity as one of the top attractions in Kandy simply by looking at it. The Knuckles Mountain Range is another tourist spot that lies about 39 kilometres from Kandy. By booking one of our Kandy Tour Packages, you will get to visit every tourist destination and experience Kandy in its entirety!

What to Do in Kandy?

If you want to delve further into the cultural background of the area, you can learn more at the Kandy National Museum. The museum, which is housed in the former royal palace, features a variety of artefacts, weapons, and other items from this era. It is a nice place to visit after the Temple of the Tooth because it is close by. For travellers and adventurers with a taste for the unknown and an interest in the past, it is a destination that cannot be missed. In this National Museum of Kandy, more than 5,000 antiquities and ola leaf manuscripts are kept on display. There are statues on display of notable people, including Sir Henry Ward, the previous governor of Ceylon. The museum's architecture, which dates back to the Kanadian era, is stunning, and the display within offers a glimpse of a miniature Sri Lanka, including its history, culture, and royal lineage.

Right by the Temple of Tooth and the Museum housed in the Royal Palace, is the serene and beautiful Royal Palace Park. This lovely park offers you a panoramic view of Kandy lake and the city from its hilltop location in the heart of the city. Both tourists and residents adore it, particularly for the tranquil atmosphere it provides as a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park has been there for centuries and is well-liked by lovers! A vintage Japanese gun that Lord Mountbatten donated to the city when it was captured in Burma graces the gateway in the meantime.

For nature lovers, there are plenty of options in and around the area. The first step would be to explore the Royal Botanical Gardens. The gardens are very well maintained the flora depends on what time of the year you are visiting. There is a charming restaurant located inside the park that overlooks the main field and offers affordable dining with a wonderful view. They also accept cards, which is convenient because it allows you to get a cup of tea and map out your path through the Royal Botanical Gardens. Depending on what you wish to accomplish, you could stay here for up to three hours. On the way out, there is a well priced souvenir shop as well.

Kandy Lake is one of the most iconic areas of the city, and is a lovely place for an evening stroll or a walk after dinner, to avoid the heat. During rush hour, the lake itself is quite busy with traffic, so if you want less beeping, go early in the morning. You can rest on some of the benches and observe your surroundings.

Furthermore, there is also the historic forest reserve of Udawattakele. The ideal location for individuals looking for adventure and walking/hiking is this historic forest reserve on a high crest in Kandy. This is unquestionably among the top attractions in Kandy, and a full day excursion is highly worthwhile. If you enjoy bird watching, this is an excellent location. You can also bring a picnic here. Even without a guide, you can find your way around "Marble Seat," "The Lover's Walk," Ironwood forest, and Buddhist temples by using the detailed map that is provided to you at the gate (as part of the admission fee).

For a more leisurely time, tea lovers should go to the Ceylon Tea Museum without fail. It is quite simple to get there and is only 3 kilometres from the downtown. The authentic Ceylon Tea is honoured at this museum. This well-liked black tea variety, also referred to as Sri Lankan tea, with undertones of citrus and spice. The majority of people would be enthralled by the breadth of its historical exhibitions. It was built in 1925. A thorough library and tea cafe are located on the fourth floor, in addition to traditional tea-making tools and apparatus.

Top Travel Tips for Travelers

To view all of Kandy and get some breath-taking views, you can avail of the Kandy viewpoints or the Soaring Buddha. This is your finest opportunity to experience Kandy from a 360-degree perspective. The largest Buddha statue in all of Sri Lanka is located in Bahiravokanda Vihara. There are a few steps, but a tuk-tuk can also be driven up. Just keep in mind that it's a steep trek and pack water and sunscreen if you plan to visit during the summer. The lovely Buddha is also intriguing to see. Because of its location in the shadow of the Knuckles Mountain Range, it offers spectacular vistas on clear days.

You can see the Temple of the Tooth and the captivating Kandy Lake from the Kandy View Point. It is particularly romantic at sunset because of the mountains and meadows that seem to go on forever. You can either hire a tuk-tuk for a quicker option or hike the 1 km up to the view point. Unquestionably, this is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations.

Other than all the various tourist attractions, there is plenty of shopping and local food to buy and try. It is easily accessible to most tourists, being a popular tourist destination. As there are so many options on what to do when in Kandy, ease the burden of your trip by booking one of our Kandy Holiday Packages, making it a fun and comprehensive trip for all!

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