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Top Jeddah Tour Packages

Jeddah is the traditional gateway to Mecca, but it is far more than just that! It is one of Saudi Arabia’s major cities and it has a heavy cosmopolitan vibe that cannot be found anywhere else in that region. Since it is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, there is plenty to do here and lots to see. You can see all that the city has to offer by taking a Jeddah Tour, which is now easier than ever with Dook International’s Jeddah Tour Packages that you can even prebook before your holiday!

Things to know about Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Jeddah

Jeddah is an ancient city, and it is believed that this is where Eve, the mother of all humanity, was laid to rest. It has been a hub for visitors from all the world for millennia, and you too can visit the historic city of Jeddah with one of our Jeddah Holiday Packages. It is also known as the ‘bride of the Red Sea’, due to the beautiful views you can see from here such as the sunset shining off the gorgeous Red Sea shores. It is also home to heritage that has been UNESCO certified, truly speaking to its importance.

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Experiences in Jeddah

Jeddah is an inviting city, warm all year round with a thriving tourist culture. It can be said to be the birthplace of international arts and music and it is a melting pot of several cultures, as it was historically known to receive traders and explorers from all over the world. The city is magnificent, and its ancient splendour has not only been revived, but also amplified. Visit this fast-paced city studded with historical wonders by booking one of our Jeddah Packages to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Top Attractions in Jeddah

Jeddah has several attractions, so no wonder it is the city that people first visit in the country of Saudi Arabia. Visitors will be sure to love the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Red Sea architecture as well its relaxing coastlines that have been converted to top tourist destinations, with great diving sites and diverse eateries. There are mosques if you are looking for a more spiritual experience such as the Al Rahma Mosque or you can go to Bab Makkah, Arabia’s first official port for pilgrims. Our Jeddah Tour Packages are here to facilitate you on your travels and to make sure you see all the important sites.

Plan A Trip To Jeddah

There is no scarcity of activities in Jeddah, and you will not have any trouble filling up your days. It is a picturesque city so if you like taking pictures, this is a great place for you. If planning your Jeddah Tour seems like a hefty task, don’t worry because Dook Travels’ offers several Jeddah Tour Packages that will make your whole holiday an absolute breeze.

Best Travel Experiences in Jeddah

If you want a pleasant and leisurely travel experience in Jeddah, you can head to the Corniche. While it used to be an unappealing stretch of coastline, it has now been transformed into a lovely walkway and leisure space in the north of Jeddah. There are lot of activities here now such as man-made swimming bays, children’s parks, outdoor gyms, stunning landscaping, a ton of fast-food places and cafés and a few fun-filled piers. The locals also enjoy visiting here, particularly on the weekends, so watch out for the crowd! When you book one of our Jeddah Packages, you can relax on the pier and take in the energetic atmosphere.

When you are on your Jeddah Tour, you can go to Naseef House if you want to see their best restored coral house. It used to belong to one of Jeddah’s most powerful trading companies and then later, it got converted to a residency for King Abdul Aziz. Something cool to look out for are the ramps that were installed by the king to allow camel-mounted messengers to ride all the way to the highest terrace. However, keep in mind that visiting can be quite a hassle if you don’t call ahead and make an appointment for a tour.

Top Things to Do in Jeddah

When you use one of our Jeddah Holiday Packages, you can see everything that the city has to offer. A top attraction in the city are all its beautiful and historically important mosques. The main draw here being the Al Shafee Mosque. It is perfectly restored and maintained, with most of the building dating back to the 16th century with an Ottoman style of architecture. However, the foundation of the mosque dates to Islam’s first period which is about 1400 years old. Non-Muslim visitors can also visit the mosque when it is not prayer time, but you must make sure to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering the prayer area.

If you are a fan of history and museum-hopping, the Al Tayibat City Museum for International Civilisation would be a great stop on your Jeddah Tour. It is a privately owned four-floor collection that has displays including old coins, weaponry, ancient furniture and pottery, pre-Islamic artefacts, and Islamic manuscripts. There are also replicas of what a traditional home interior would look like in every region. All exhibits have well written information panels with dioramas of the provinces. By arriving early, you get the chance to receive a private tour.

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Jeddah

Foodies, be sure to book one of our Jeddah Tour Packages because this city is an absolute haven of multicultural cuisines. There are restaurants representing food from all over the world and the quality is top-notch. Some instances are Yildizlar, which is a local institution that serves up a unique mix of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine. It also has a pleasant ambience. The dishes here range from grilled quail, boneless pigeon to caviar and great fish dishes. Please do take note of the fact that it may get a bit busy and crowded due its popularity.

Best Shopping Places in Jeddah

Your Jeddah Tour will be sure to be filled with shopping, as there are plenty of shopping areas in the city. To be more specific, any tourist would love the souqs of the Jeddah. They are markets with well-priced local goods and have a lively atmosphere. The most popular souq is Souq Al Alawi, which starts at Al Dahab Street, and it is the most comprehensive market in the Kingdom. It is always awash with the activity of traders and pilgrims. Here you can find authentic Arabian jewellery, traditional clothes, and Islamic art. Take home some souvenirs after enjoying the city with one of our Jeddah Packages.

Why Travel to Jeddah?

Jeddah is the most popular city in Saudi Arabia and for good reason too. It provides a cool dichotomy of modernity and ancient traditions. While it is a little rough around the edges, it is a city that developed into a trendy cosmopolitan city. There is something to do here for everyone, so it is a good place to vacation if you’re with a family. It contrasts its many high rises with its waterfront culture and gorgeous mosques that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. By booking one of Dook International’s Jeddah Holiday Packages you can take a vacation like no other.

Travel Tips for Travelers

Something to keep in mind while travelling to Jeddah is that even if it is a modern and more liberal city, it is still considered the gateway to Mecca. Remember to stay respectful, particularly when you are visiting religious monuments or mosques. You have to strike a balance between staying cool in the hot weather while also dressing modestly.

Furthermore, a lot of attractions have different timings on different days of the week, so you may need to plan a bit ahead. To help you plan forward to see all the attractions, you can avail one of Dook International’s Jeddah Tour Packages and set aside all your worries!

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