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Top Florence Tour Packages

Florence is on the UNESCO World Heritage List because it has so many beautiful attractions to see that you might say the entire city is a museum. You must visit Florence's most well-known tourist attractions. While many of these attractions are conveniently close to one another in the city's center, several important sites are located nearby. With Florence tour Packages, you can travel to many locations on foot and use public transportation to get to more remote locations. The city of Florence, which is situated on both the sides of the Arno River as it flows towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, may be exhausting during the afternoon hours because of its inclination to become heated.

Things to know about Florence (Italy) Florence

The limitless cultural heritage of Florence, Italy, provides us with an ever-changing assortment of exhibitions and performances. Discover whats happening in the city numerous museums and cultural venues, read reviews and interviews, and offer insight...

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Experiences in Florence

Specializes in entertaining and leisurely tours of Tuscany for tourists seeking more from their trip than what mainstream tourism has to offer. Use our Florence trip planner to incorporate Fun in Tuscany into your Florence Holiday Packages. These Florence tour provides you with the finest possible introduction to this enchanting Italian city by putting you in contact with a native. They range from sampling the distinctive flavors of Tuscany on a wine adventure to learning the local secrets of the city's cuisine on a Florence culinary tour. Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience.

Top Attractions in Florence

Are you staying in Florence for a few days and intend to see a lot of the city's best attractions? The Florence Pass would thus be excellent. Additionally useful is the FirenzeCard, but only if you want to visit a lot of museums. Unfortunately, admission costs in Florence are exceedingly costly, and occasionally the box office has run out of tickets. Do you have a special interest in Uffizi? The combination ticket "Uffizi - Pitti Palace - Boboli Gardens" is hence both an absolute must and the least expensive ticket that you may purchase.

Plan A Trip To Florence

There are numerous choices for day tours around Tuscany from Florence. Cities with amazing landmarks and sights, like Siena, Lucca, and Pisa, are reasonably close to Florence. The Tuscan city is quite close to natural regions including the Tuscan hills, the sea, and the Chianti region. Don't overlook the smaller towns like Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, and Fiesole, which are barely 10 kilometers away.

Travel Experiences in Florence

On long walks, discovering the splendor of Autumn and the breathtaking surroundings of parks, forests, and mountains near Florence. At this unique time of year, the leaves begin to bleed scarlet and transition from green to yellow. For those who go out for a few hours, the forests near Florence and the parks and paths in the Apennines provide a display of beautiful hues as the cool evenings signal the trees to prepare for the winter.

As with the rest of Italy, Florence has a Mediterranean climate, which means that during the hottest and driest months of the year, the city receives less than 30 milliliters of precipitation. The wettest month receives three times as much precipitation as the driest month. The Mediterranean's influence causes Florence's daytime temperatures to be relatively high and its weather to be less dramatic. July and August are the hottest months of the year, with daily highs around 30 degrees Celsius.

In response, many Florence tourist destinations have excellent air conditioning; nonetheless, due to Duomo's steep stairs, it is best to avoid climbing it in the sun. So its best to book your Florence Packages for spring or autumn.

Ponte Vecchio, The Famous Bridge

The Ponte Vecchio is the Arno River's most renowned bridge in Florence. The stores on the bridge are the reason it is so well known. In the past, this area was home to blacksmiths, tanners, and butchers, but today the majority of residents are jewelers. A bust of Cellini, who rose to fame as a metal worker, can be found in the center of the bridge. On the fence around the statue, lovers can hang a padlock to symbolize their enduring love.

Boboli Gardens

The most exquisite gardens in Florence can be seen behind the Palazzo Pitti at the Boboli Gardens. Many well-known gardens from later periods, including the grounds at Versailles, were influenced by the Boboli Gardens. Trees, fountains, statues, ponds, and the "Grotta Grande" are all present. Though smaller than the Giardino Boboli, the Barzani Gardens at Villa Bardini are less popular, making them more peaceful to explore. Three sections make up the garden park: an English, Baroque, and horticultural section with olive trees.

Uffizi Gallery

The Palazzo degli Uffizi, one of the most well-known and historic museums in the world, is located in Florence, Italy. The Medici banking dynasty once owned the palace now known as the Uffizi. The palace, which was used by the government, is situated next to the Palazzo Vecchio.

Giorgio Vasari was commissioned by Grand Duke Cosimo I de Medici to construct the Uffizi between 1560 and 1580 to house Florence's government and legal institutions. Francesco, Cosimo's son, was the first to convert the palace's upper floor into an art gallery. After that, the collection continued to grow and develop into the sizable museum it is today.

The museum's layout is intended to show you how Florentine art evolved into Gothic art and then into Renaissance art. The second floor houses the earliest art collection. This is where you should start. From this point, you can read the collection chronologically. Early Renaissance artwork can be seen in rooms seven through fourteen, and high Renaissance collections can be found on the first level. You can find works of art from other European nations in rooms 44 through 55.

Visit Piazzale Michelangelo for the best city view. You have a 360-degree view of the Tuscan capital and the surrounding area from this hilltop location. A replica of Michelangelo's David and other works by the famed sculptor are also on display at the Piazzale. Behind the statue, a loggia has been constructed where Poggi, the architect, intended to display each of Michelangelo's sculptures. You may now find a restaurant here to replenish yourself after the arduous hike with Florence Tour Packages.

On top of the hill not far from Piazzale Michelangelo lies a tiny Romanesque church. The renowned guild Arti di Calimala provided funding for the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. The Capella del Crocefisso was constructed by architect Michelozzo. The grave of Cardinal Iacopo di Lusitania is located on the church's north side. This chapel was created by one of Brunelleschi's students. Relics of Saint Minias, after whom the chapel is named, can be found in the crypt.

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Florence

You must visit the covered Mercato Centrale if you want fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, pasta, or fish. This enormous market hall provides you with a wide variety of fresh foods in a welcoming market setting. The food court also offers prepared meals, including Tuscan delicacies like porchetta. Numerous pleasant wine bars are also available for you to unwind in away from the market's bustle. You can purchase clothing and gifts in the market hall because the Mercato Centrale attracts a lot of tourists these days.

Top Travel Tips For Travelers

Bicycles are a practical method to explore many of Florence's sites. Renting a bike on your own is OK, but seeing Florence with an English-speaking guide is recommended. You can see a lot of the city's sights in a half-day while also learning fascinating facts about its past. highly recommended! Since the Florence Tour Packages are popular, we advise making reservations in advance.

Porcellino is one of Florence's most well-known tourist places known for its fountains. The folklore about the fountain states that a young man would turn into a boar forever if his true love revealed his identity to the public. Every year, hundreds of tourists stop by to pet or kiss the boar's nose in the hopes that they will travel back to Florence. Throw a coin in the grid between the bronze boar's legs in one motion if you also desire a little luck.

Whether you're an adventurous or just an explorer, Dook International have you covered with our all-inclusive Florence Packages! Choose any Florence vacation package that suits their interests. Our Florence travel guide will give you information on all the attractions in the capital of Tuscany as well as some helpful advice to support you to have the best possible trip.

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