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Spend Your Happy Hours by Experiencing Nightlife in Croatia
Croatia is a place where nightlife is great with cheap beer and latest shake-up mocktails, DJ spinning in the latest sounds, music is beyond the sounds. You will find a wide range of music here from rock, electronic, jazz that attracts plenty of night crawlers who trawl in the raves, pubs, bars just as a start. Nightlife is big in cities like Split, Zagreb, Rijek and Zadar where the party is always in full swing. In the summer, when the weather warms up, there are amazing island clubs and discos to wind your night.

Nightlife in Croatia after dark is fairly relaxing and it’s the reason why people choose Croatia as their holiday destination. The nightlife here has established itself as being a great place to party all night long on a holiday. While Dubrovnik tends to be famous in the day time, it leaves no stone un-turn for the other side of its nightlife. There are a number of clubs and bars which shows the stylish nightlife in Croatia. Heading to the capital city offers a different vibe of nightlife where the whole city is filled with bars particularly along the Tkalciceva Street or goes downtown to the Preradovica or Branimir centre.
Explore Some of the Best Croatia Night Clubs and Bars

If you are planning to visit Croatia or you are on holiday in Croatia, you can experience the best nightlife in Europe. Whether you like something intense or even just a laid back chilling zone, this place has something in store for you. Right from the capital city of Zagreb, right through Dubrovnik, Novaljia, you will find a new exciting party feel of Ibiza.

Party on the island of Pag from day to night, it’s the best party place in the summertime with great music and drinks around the breathtaking scenic view of this island. Another beach sport to have a blast is Kalypso, a great place to eat, drink, dance and enjoy some volleyball sport on the sand. Moving away from the beaches and islands, you can party at some of the legendary clubs such as Uljanik Club, Jimmy Woo, Byblos, Aquarius, Papaya Club and few others.

Visit some of the best bars in Zagreb, Croatia such as the Old Pharmacy pub, Sheridan's Pub, Bulldog XL, Oliver Twist Pub, Pivnica Pinta, Tolkien's House, Pub nkraju svijeta etc. While Dubrovnik also offers some great places to drink such as Copana beach, Buza II, D’Vino, Sunset Lounge etc. So have fun at Croatia with countless clubs harbouring some great parties where you will hardly find anywhere else in the world.

Find Out the Exciting Nightlife in Zagreb        
Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia which has an electric and imaginative scene where evening seems longer as visitors go out more during this hour of the day. It has a reputation for a fun nightlife promising to celebrate more than the last one. There’s an incredible choice out there for you with a number of the cultural programme, ballet dance and extensive musical offerings. There are over 30 clubs and discotheques in the centre which offers amazing entertainment which never bores the night crawlers. From eclectic to an alternative to classy music, there’s a clubs, cafes, pubs, bars scene for everyone. So just put on your best attire, and head out for a great nightlife here in Zagreb.
You have many choices to pick from any of the clubs and bars in Zagreb. Most of the clubs in Zagreb has a vibe which is pretty chilled out without any scenes. Owning to its regular live music, Zagreb nightlife is made for clubbing and warm-up parties. The party spots are on roll all year round, so it doesn’t matter which season you are in Croatia, the party people and place will always welcome you to join the fun and entertainment.
The Ultimate Zagreb Night Clubs and Bars Not To Be Missed
The metropolis city has lately become one of the best places to party in Europe. Being a young, develop and vibrant city, there are several young crowds thriving in this part of the country which ensures that there are so many great nightspots in Zagreb. There is no doubt that Croatia has many party places in many cities, but Zagreb is a good place to start out your nightlife. It is one of the cities which boast of the city’s highest concentration of cafes, bars and nightclubs. By the main square, you will find decent places to start of the night and a chance to explore some of the best nightclubs and bars in the country. However, if you want to track down some of the classy hangout places by the Old Town of Zagreb, Skola is the place where you should be; its hip decor, cool tunes and the bar scene makes its ideal place to chill or party.
Discover a lot of places and crank up the city’s nightlife at Aquarius club with top international DJs performing with some of the top international hits or enjoy the soothing tones of jazz and ball dance to this music performed by live performances at the BP club. If you want some fun, entertainment and music hit up the Grand casino and make some extra cash which is only a few minutes’ walks from the city centre. Jackie Brown is another classy bar which has an affluent crowd with nice sleek interiors and a cosy ambience to have nice conversations over fine cognacs and whiskeys.
Make Your Experience Memorable With Zagreb Croatia Nightlife Tour
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