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Tajikistan Cheat Sheet (Tajikistan At a Glance):

 Formal Name

 Republic of Tajikistan

 Location of Tajikistan

 Central Asia






 143,100 km2 (55,300 sq mi)

 Land Boundaries

 Total: 4,130 km, Border Countries (4): Afghanistan 1,357 km, China 477 km, Kyrgyzstan 984 km, Uzbekistan 1,312 km


 8.7 Million

 Ethnic Groups

 Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz


 Tajiki, Persian, Russian

 Administrative and Territorial Structure

 Tajikistan is divided into: one autonomous region, 2 regions, the Districts of Republican Subordination, Dushanbe - The capital city.


 Sunni Islam


 Tajikistani Somoni (TJS)

 Time Zone

 UTC+5 (TJT)

 Calling Code


 Internet TLD


 Drives On

 Right Side

 Visa on Arrival


 Major Cities

 Khujand, Kurgan - Tyube, Khorog, Kulyab , Penjikent

Tajikistan, the beautiful country with mountaineous landscapes and fascinating cultures, has been popular with vacationers looking for a cultural experience at a scenic destination. This country has also been a sought after testing playground for trekkers, climbers, motorcycle tourers and adventure travelers. The population of Tajikistan is primarily of Persian origin. Tajikistan was part the of Persian empires for much of its history. This region has been an important place for flourishing Persian culture and language. A visit to Tajikistan on the Pamir mountains is highly recommended for adventurers, vacationers as well as tourists wanting to visit places of historical importance to Islam religion. The Pamir and Alay Mountains dominate Tajikistan's landscape. The western Fergana Valley is in north, and the Kofarnihon and Vakhsh Valleys are in the southwest region. The highest point in Tajikistan is Qullai Ismoili Somoni (7,495 m).
Languages of Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s official native language is Tajik. Some Central Asian countries also share this language, but it has retained its genuine origin amidst colonial rule. Tajik language reflects its country’s history and culture.



Travel Guide

Visa Information

Tajikistan Visa Information:

Documents Required:

• Scanned copy of Passport’s front Page and back page.
• 02 Passport Size Photographs white background.
• Original Passport will be required for visa stamping at least 10 days before departure.
• For 10 pax or bigger groups a group E-Visa will be given to you on the day of departure at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
• Corporate letter head will be required for requesting letter of invitation from destination countries.

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