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    Belarus Visa

    Belarus Tourist Visa for Indians

    Visa Required - Yes

    Visa on Arrival - Yes (Arrival at Minsk Airport only)

    Visa-free - Yes (Up to 30 Days)

    Application Procedure - Offline

    Required Documents

    • Original Valid passport
    • Two Photo white background 35 x 45
    • Covering letter
    • Medical (HIV) certificate
    • Ticket
    • Travel insurance from Belarus insurance company only
    • Bank statement last 6 month

    Processing Time

    • Normal Visa - 7 Working Days
    • Express/Urgent Visa - 3 Working Days

    Belarus Visa Requirements

    Application Procedure Steps

    Indian citizens who plan to visit Belarus will need a visa unless you hold a multiple entry Schengen visa; you will it is not required.

    You will have to be clear with the purpose of your visit and choose the type of visa you need. Once the process of filling your form is complete, you will need to submit it to the Embassy/Consulate of Belarus. Also, if you decide to visit some other countries within the Schengen area, you will need to show your port of entry being Belarus.
    The visa application centre does not accept an application for more than 90 days, and you must be at the centre in person.
    For any country you visit in Europe, you are required to submit your biometric data i.e. fingerprints and photo where the process will be done at the Visa Application centre. All the application forms are available in the visa application centre in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

    For any country of Europe, you will need to submit your visa application three months or at least one more before the planned trip. Also take a note that if you fill the application incorrectly or carelessly, it can be one of the reasons for the refusal of your visa.
    We offer support and assistance for Belarus visa for Indians citizens by a staff of experts in the field of a travel visa. Our employees will guide you through every step of the way in getting your visa completed.

    Other Belarus Visa Information for Indians

    If an Indian citizen has a previous stamped visa of the following countries, the process is as follows:

    US - Visa Required
    UK - Visa Required
    Schengen - Visa Required
    Canada - Visa Required

    Belarus Visa Exemption

    Citizens of the following 26 jurisdictions can enter Belarus without visas:

    •  Armenia
    •  Azerbaijan
    •  Georgia
    •  Kazakhstan
    •  Kyrgyzstan      
    •  Moldova
    •  Russia
    •  Tajikistan
    •  Uzbekistan
    •  Kazakhstan

     90 Days

    •  Argentina
    •  Brazil
    •  Israel
    •  Mongolia
    •  Ukraine
    •  Venezuela

     30 Days

    •  China
    •  Cuba
    •  Ecuador
    •  Hong Kong
    •  Macao
    •  Montenegro
    •  North Macedonia
    •  Qatar
    •  Serbia
    •  Turkey
    •  United Arab Emirates

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