Zoo Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland)

The Zoo Zrich is a zoo located in Zrich Switzerland and together with the Basel Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in Europe. Opened in 1929 it is the third oldest zoo in Switzerland and it accumulated a collection of 2200 specimens of 300 species by its seventy-fifth year. It is located on Zrichbergstrasse in the lower reaches of the Zrichberg in the Fluntern quarter. One of its popular events is the penguin parade which is performed daily afternoon if the outside temperature is below ten degrees Celsius. The most famous attractions are the Asian elephant exhibit and Masoala Hall which are inside of a large dome. Guests can even view elephants from underwater. They are also known as the only and first European institution to successfully breed Galpagos tortoises. Over the course of the years the Zrich attraction has sent baby tortoises to more than two dozen other zoos.

Z richbergstrasse 221 8044 Z rich Switzerland
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