Sultan Saodat Mausoleum, Termez (Uzbekistan)

The cult-memorial complex of Sultan Saodat was developed during the period of XI-XVII c. at the graves of the Termez sayyids. It had a number of cult structures added at different times mausoleums mosques and hanagoh built on the perimeter of an elongated courtyard with a combination of integral and short compositions.The most ancient part was a three-part frontal opening the southwest part of the complex to the courtyard side. Here are located two large one- chambered square-domed mausoleums. They arc joined with an aperture terrace with a mihrab placed between them which was used as a funeral prayer niosque. Researchers have dated this ancient group to the XI-XII c. (52) or the middle of XI c.Due to their clear-cut solutions to the problems of structure decor and volume the mausoleums gained strict highly artistic architectural appearance.The wall of the mausoleum had an octahedron tier of arched sails on which was set a large dome.

Termez Uzbekistan
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