Patershol, Brussels (Belgium)

The Patershol is an old neighborhood in the historic center of the Belgian city of Ghent. The area is approximately 4.5 hectares and has a closed street pattern that it has preserved from the Middle Ages. The district is bordered by Geldmunt Lange Steenstraat Grauwpoort Sluizeken Oudburg and Kraanlei. The Leie forms a natural border with the rest of the old city center. The district now houses many small cafes and restaurants. At Kaatsspelplein 8 there is also a meeting center for seniors with the designation open house for people over 55 t Pratershol. The Caermersklooster and the House of Alijn are located in the district. The Patershol and the surrounding area were protected as a cityscape in 1981.

Patershol 9000 Ghent Belgium
51.057778 3.7225

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