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Top Mecca Tour Packages

Mecca or Makkah as its popularly spelt in Saudi Arabia, is one of the most important religious sites in the world. Every year, it is the destination of the Hajj pilgrimage, the religious duty that must be fulfilled by every Muslim who is physically and financially able to. If you are looking to complete the pilgrimage or visit any of the other religious sites there, you can avail the help of Dook International, where we offer several Mecca Tour Packages to assist you on your spiritual journey. Your Mecca Tour will go on without a single hitch with our help!

Things to know about Mecca (Saudi Arabia) Mecca

It is important to note that Mecca is accessible to Muslims, as it is the most important site to visit in their religion. It is the most popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia for this reason. It is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammed, and it has several monuments that have deep religious symbolism. For Muslims living outside the region, it is just not an obligation but also a lifelong dream to make this trip. We can make this trip easier for you by offering one of our Mecca Holiday Packages at reasonable prices!

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Experiences in Mecca

While Mecca is now a modern city, it still has the soul and spirit of an Arabian village. When people visit it for the first time, it is considered to be an incredibly emotional and sacred experience. Many people are brought to tears by how overwhelmingly close they feel to their religion and spirituality. When you are on your Mecca Tour, you will see that despite the huge construction projects, the sacred Kaaba shines in all its splendour and beauty.

Top Attractions in Mecca

Of course, when you book one of our Mecca Packages, the main point of attraction would be to visit the Al Masjid Al Haram, as it is considered as the focal point for every Muslim in the world. You can also visit the Cave of Thawr, Jabal Al Nour, Jabal Rahmah or the Masjid Al Bay’ah. There are also museums if you want a more educational visit such as the Makkah Museum and the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques.

Plan A Trip To Mecca

When going on your Mecca Tour, you are likely going to connect more with the religion and to put you soul at ease. Therefore, planning out the trip might break the tranquillity of the visit but not to worry- leave the planning to Dook International, where we offer Mecca Tour Packages to make sure that you get the most out of your trip to the holy site.

Best Travel Experiences in Mecca

Those who have made their pilgrimage to Mecca have described their travel experience there as life changing. Many were moved to tears and felt complete humility. Furthermore, they also describe a feeling of belongs and there is a collective nature to the practice. Without a doubt, seeing millions bowing their heads in prayer is bound to be an emotional experience and it has brought many people closer to their religion. A lot of people repeat visits because the feeling you get when you reach there is irreplaceable and there is nothing else quite like it. We offer Mecca Holiday Packages in order to ensure that you too get to experience this for yourself.

The most important stop on a Mecca Tour would be the Al Masjid Al Haram. It is the biggest mosque in the world and can host up to a million worshippers! You can find the Holy Kaaba at the centre of the mosque, covered in black and gold cloth. Muslims are to circumnavigate around it and it is the holiest structure in all of Islam. More importantly, it is known to be the heart of the necessary Islamic pilgrimages, i.e., Hajj and Umrah.

In the east corner of the Kaaban is the Black Stone, which is a relic believed by Muslims to have fallen from the heavens and placed in that particular corner by the Prophet Ibrahim. On the north-western edge, there is a curved area called the Hatem or Hijr Ishmael. This area is said to represent the territory that is believed to have been part of the Kaaba’s original boundary when it was first built by the Prophet Ibrahim. Currently, the mosque is undergoing the Third Saudi Expansion, which means that the area will be increased and 2.5 million can pray inside it. Our Mecca Packages will help you in seeing this glorious structure in real life, and it is sure to be a moving experience.

Top Things to Do in Mecca

You can visit the other mosques and religious sites in Mecca once you are done with the Al Masjid Al Haram. Other than the Masjid Al Haram, the holy sites include the historic Cave of Thawr which is where the Prophet hid from the Quraysh tribe or the place where he delivered his final sermon, the Jabal Rahmah.

When you utilise one of Dook’s Mecca Holiday Packages, you can also visit some of the museums in the city. A great visit is the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques. It is a small museum but it chock full of relics from the Al Masjis Al Haram as well as the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. These relics include pillars, historical photos, and marble carvings. Some of the items even date as far back as the 13th century Abbasid period! Some of the items that you can look out for are the ornate teak wooden stairwell that was used by the Ottomans to reach the Kaaba, and an old pair of the giant gilded doors of the Kaaba.

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Mecca

Even if you book one of the Mecca Packages to see the Masjid Al Haram, you get to experience a lot more than just that! This includes the food in the region as well, which are very traditional and delicious. There are several amazing street food stands open 24/7 near the Masjid Al Haram and they sell everything from scrumptious shawarma and falafel wraps to freshly fried samosas. The food is also very cheap and provides great bang for your buck.

Best Shopping Places in Mecca

While you are on your Mecca Tour, you can visit the most famous non-religious landmark there, the Abraj Al Beit Towers. It contains a five-storey shopping mall along with 5-star accommodation for pilgrims. It also has a giant prayer hall that can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers and there is plenty to do here as well.

Why Travel to Mecca?

Travelling to Mecca is the only way to complete the Hajj pilgrimage, which is necessary for any Muslim who is able to. Even beyond that, the whole city is a divine experience that soothes your soul and makes you feel closer to all things Holy. Our Mecca Holiday Packages are there to facilitate this experience and to make it as smooth as possible. There are many religious sites that you can see here, all of which have deep historical and cultural significance. Furthermore, as it has a lot of modern-day facilities, it is a very accommodating city and Muslims of all demographics can comfortably visit without any hassle.

Travel Tips for Travelers

While it goes without saying, one must remain as respectful as possible as it is an important religious site. It is not any ordinary tourist destination, but that does not mean you cannot have an enjoyable time there. As long as you follow all the necessary customs and take note of the timings, you will be sure to have a trip that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Since it is such a popular tourist destination, there are many options for those who want to stay in Mecca in order to complete their Hajj pilgrimage, or even if they are simply visiting. To give you the best options possible with the least amount of stress, we offer Mecca Tour Packages that will bring ease to your travel!

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