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About Moldova

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: Republic of Moldova
Location of Kazakhstan:
Capital: Chisinau
Demonym: Moldovans
Area: 13068Sq Km
Population: 2640438
Ethnic Groups: Moldovan, Romanian, Ukrainian, Gagauz, Russian, Bulgarian, Romani
Languages: Romanian
Religion: Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholicism, Jewish, Atheist, Non-religious
Currency: Leu (MDL, L)
Best Time To Visit: Apr-May
Calling Code: 373
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Chisinau
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Moldova is divided into 32 districts, 3 municipalities, 2 autonomous territorial units.

Land Boundaries:

Total: 1,885 km, Border Countries (2): Romania 683 km, Ukraine 1,202 km

About Moldova

Moldova is officially known as the Republic of Moldova and a former Soviet republic. It’s an Eastern European country which has varied terrain including rocky hills, forests and vineyards. It is well-known for its wine yards and Miltestii Mici is one of the world’s largest cellars in the world. It is also the 20th largest wine-producing country in the world.
Geography of Moldova

Moldova is located in Eastern Europe is bordered by Romania on the west and southwest and by Ukraine on the north, south and east. It lays between two main rivers namely Prut and Nistru. The Prut River forms the western boundary with Romania and the Nistru River forms a small part of the border with Ukraine.
History of Moldova

Moldova’s history can easily be traced back to the year the 1350s when it was the Principality of Moldovia. It was a vassal of the Ottoman Empire up until the 19th century. In 1812, the eastern half of the principality known as Bessarabia was annexed by the Russian Empire. By the Second World War, it was freed from German by the Soviet Union and in 1991, the country declared its independence as the Republic of Moldova.

Moldova Climate and Weather

Moldova has a continental climate with warm summers and cold snowy winters. The summers are warm, with the two warmest months being July and August. The temperature in the summer is around 15/16 °C - 26 °C. Winter is cold in January with a temperature of -1.5 °C.

Moldova Food & Cuisine

The cuisine of Moldova consists mainly of Traditional European food such as pork, beef, cabbage, potato and a variety of grains. One of Moldova’s known dish is mămăligă, it is a yellow porridge also known as cornmeal mush. Their regional food includes ghiveci ad branza. The Moldovan food is always accompanied by meat, cottage cheese, pork rind, sour cream and some local wine.

Moldova Culture and Traditions

Majority of the culture is primarily influenced by Roman origins. The population was highly influenced by contact with the Slavic people, Byzantine Empire, Hungarian and the Ottoman Turks. The culture also represents a large number of cultural activities such as theatre, music, literature, architecture, fine arts and many others.
Facts about Moldova

1. It is the least visited country in Europe.
2. It is not allowed to export wine to Russia.
3. It has some great monasteries.
4. It almost went three years without the president.
5. Its language is endangered.
6. It is a poor country.
7. Its capital city was destroyed in 1940.
8. It's a landlocked country.
9. Its national animal is a big cow.


Moldova Tourism

Moldova is a beautiful country that’s not been explored and well appreciated. The country is landlocked between Romania and Ukraine with a great rich history. It is not highly influenced by western culture and therefore it still has its peaceful aura intact. Up until the Second World War, Romania and Moldova were one and thus they share a few similar cultures. Moldova is a good destination for those seeking some peace and solitude since it’s so quiet and remote with much wonderful attraction to see and explore.

Chisinau Tourism

Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova and considered to be an ugly city. However, this is not at all the fault of the country as it was fought over centuries and been destroyed, annexed and captured by so many countries. Yet, it making its way up to stand strong again, building and developing itself into a new and better city. And, there are many beautiful sites to see in Chisinau such as Valea Morilor Park, Cricova Winery Underground Wine Cellar, Zentrum Aparthotel, Nativity Cathedral Chișinău and many others.

Different Types of Tourism in Moldova

1. Historical Tourism in Moldova

Moldova is rich in history as it was being conquered by so many countries over the centuries. Therefore, history has left so many remnants which are now historical attractions of the country. Some of these historical attractions are Bendery Fortress, Soroca Fortress, Stephen the Great Monument, Curchi Monastery, Saharna Monastery and many others.
2. Cultural Tourism in Moldova

Moldova has a rich cultural heritage with over 140 cultural sites which has interested many travellers. Some of the visible remains are the Roman fortifications and Geto-Decian sites. There are also remains of the medieval fortress and archaeological sites such as the Orheiul Vechi, noble places, monasteries and old rural houses.
3. Sea and Nature Tourism in Moldova

Moldova is rich in natural resources and has attracted many ecological fans into the country. With its rich landscape, one can admire the lakes, rivers, rocks, springs, forests, canyons and many others which provide visitors with good sports activities to calm recreation. There’s Padurea Domneasca , which is the longest cave in Europe.

4. Honeymoon Tourism in Moldova

Moldova is a peaceful country with fewer tourists making it an ideal honeymoon destination. There’s much more than what one projects the country and you will be inspired by the captivating beauty of its churches, colourful town, ancient caves, beautiful nature parks, museums and more. It is in Europe, yet it is hidden away and its beauty is not explored like any other honeymoon destinations.

5. MICE Tourism in Moldova

Moldova is emerging as a new destination for business meetings and events. You can plan your conference at the exciting medieval fortress, wine cellar or even in the beautiful villages where your clients can enjoy great hospitality, delicious food, fine wine and great music. There are several luxury hotels in Moldova in the capital city of Chisinau which also have conference facilities.

6. Health and Wellness Tourism in Moldova

Moldova is becoming a substantial balneotherapeutic destination with many upcoming health resorts. One of the well-known resorts in this regard is the “Bucuria-sind” which is very popular from Vadui lui Voda. Some of the other spa resorts in Moldova are Lotus Spa Health & Beauty Center, Wellness & Spa Termal, Aquaterra Fitness Ciocana, Aquaterra Wellness & Spa and many others.

7. Nightlife Tourism in Moldova

Most of the nightlife happens in Chisinau where there’s a good selection of opera house, theatre and concert halls. The traditions of folk art are also very popular in the country and there are several live musical groups which play a variety of folk instruments including the cimpoi, tsambal, fluier and nai. There are also many nightclubs, bar, restaurants in Chisinau such as PartyZAN Game Club,  Kira’s Club,  Mojito, Sky Bar and many others.

8. Winter Tourism in Moldova

Moldova is a small country with just 4 million populations. The country is blessed with beautiful landscape, historical sites, delicious food and warm people. The country is so pleasant in winters with fine wine cellars that will keep you warm from the cold. There are plenty of things to see and do in the winter in Moldova such as the Christmas market, wine festival, nightlife, parks, wine cellars and many more.

Travel Guide

Moldova Tour and Travel Guide

Moldova is one destination that’s been overlooked by many tourists which is a shame. Because it is a beautiful country landlocked in Eastern Europe to wander and see vast monasteries, tastes local wines, trek through ancient and old forests. It’s rich in culture and historical heritage and two-thirds of the population are of Romanian descendent. Therefore, Moldova also shares a common cultural heritage with Romania. The country is well known for its vineyards as they have a fertile to even produce amazing wine with the world’s best wine cellars. Despite, its location is off the radar for many travellers, Moldova is worth well-knowing and visiting.

Chisinau Travel Guide

Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova which has welcoming and friendly people. The city has plenty going on that what it portrays, it is now a vibrant city and the main hubs have everything for every kind of visitor. Even though the city has undergone a serious pounding during the Second World War, it is in the stage of developments and it is buzzing with cafe-bar and restaurants which serves great delicious Moldovan food. Nevertheless, it's not the city that survived, but its monuments, cathedrals and museums have withstood time and war. Today, all of them represent the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

1. Penny Wise Moldova


Price in  Moldovan Leu (MDL)

Price in Dollars ($)

 Meal for 2, in inexpensive Restaurant



 Meal for 2, in mid range Restaurant, Three-course



 McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)



 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught)



 Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle)



 Cappuccino (regular)



 Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle)



 Water (1.5 liter bottle)



 Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)



 Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro)



 Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)



 Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)



 Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)



 1 Min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans)



 Internet/WiFi Charges (1GB )



* Prices are our approximation and may vary slightly.
* Prices are market prices of articles and may vary at restaurants and hotels.
2. Accommodation in Moldova

There are several hotels in the capital city Chisinau where most of them are located in the city centre or close the train station. The hotels located in the city are mostly high standards and luxury ones. While the low budget hotels are in the other towns.
3. Transportation in Moldova

Getting around the city is easy in Moldova, however, if you want to travel to the other town, you might have to hire a car. Hiring a car is safe and comfortable but it might cost a lot of money. Taxis are also there, they can be found everywhere and ask for the price before travelling. The cheapest way of travelling and getting everywhere are buses, minibuses and trolleybuses which are cheap but crowded.

4. Shopping in Moldova

Some of the best items to buy in Moldova are handmade carpets, coloured costumes and locally produced brandies and wines. One of the main open markets, Tolchok is located on Calea Mosilor. It is only 10 minutes drive away from the centre and it sells everything. You can also find many craft centres which sell embroidery, enamel painting, weaving and musical instruments.
5. Best Time to Visit Moldova

Moldova is a great place which has favourable climate conditions where you can go bird watching or walk along with the wildflowers in May to June. By the start of August, it gets pleasant and worth visiting and exploring the attractions. October is beautiful in Moldova where the country is alive with colour. Winter has its speciality to offer its visitors with many attractions, festival and activities.

6. Moldova Travel Tips

Petty crimes exist much in major cities.
It's not very easy getting around Moldova.
Public transportation is not so reliable.
It’s said that you cannot take photographs in Moldova.
Moldova is still a communist country.
Carry drinking water.
Keep cash with you but not too much.
Do not carry important things with you.
Be alert of pick picketers.

7. Moldova Flight Connection

The main international airport in Moldova is Chișinău International Airport. The main carriers for travellers flying to Moldova from India are Finn air, Aeroflot, Ukraine International Airlines and Turkish Airlines from the main metropolitan cities of India.

Visa Information

Moldova Visa Information:

Documents Required:

• Original passports
• Original Invitation
• 2 photo white background
• Online form to be filled
• Ticket copy

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