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About Albania

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: The Republic of Albania
Location of Kazakhstan:
Capital: Tirana
Demonym: Albanians
Area: 28748Sq Km
Population: 2,840000
Ethnic Groups: Albanian
Languages: Albanian
Religion: Islam
Currency: Albanian lek (ALL, Lek)
Best Time To Visit: Apr-Jun, Sep-Oct
Calling Code: +355
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Tirana
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Divided into 61 municipalities.

Land Boundaries:

Total: 691 km, Border Countries: Greece 212 km, Kosovo 112 km, Macedonia 181 km, Montenegro 186 km

About Albania

Albania is officially known as the Republic of Albania. It is a country in Southeast Europe on the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea within the Mediterranean Sea. It may be a small country with 11 sq miles but it does not lack in things to see and do. From the city’s archaeological sites to the outward stunning beaches of the Riviera and many others, it is an ideal destination place for any kind of traveller.

Albania Geography

Albania is bordered by Montenegro in the northwest, Kosovo in the northeast, North Macedonia in the east and Greece to the south. It displays varied geographical, climatic, morphological and hydrological conditions. The country has a diverse range of landscape ranging from the Albanian Alps, Ceraunian Mountains to the hot coasts of the Ionian Sea and Adriatic along the Mediterranean Sea.
History of Albania

Historically, the land of Albania was inhabited by various Thrcian, IIIyrian and Ancient Greek tribes. In the 3rd century, it was annexed by Romans and became part of some of the Roman Provinces, and then the Byzantine came in to capture 1190. After it has so many other rulers, and in 1991 it was dissolved form the People’s Socialist Republic and Albania were established.
Albania Climate and Weather

The climate in the country varies due to the difference in longitude, latitude and altitude. It has four distinct seasons and five major climatic types ranging from the Mediterranean to Sub-Artic in the eastern half of Albania. The warm areas are around the sea coasts and the cold areas are in the highlands. Rain also varies in different season and year to year.

Albania Food and Cuisine

The dish of Albania is rooted from the ancient Ottoman Empire with a huge influence from Greece, Turkey and Italy. Their main staple is meat and vegetables along with heavy stews, cheese, bread, cheese, cabbage and smoked meat. The popular vegetables used in most of the dishes are tomatoes, cucumber, eggplants, peppers, olives and legumes.

Albania Culture and Traditions

The culture and tradition have influenced the daily life of the Albanian people for centuries which progress over centuries of its distinct historical evolution. It is a hospitable culture which has been shaped by the history and geography of Albania. They are culturally distinguished into two groups such as the Tosks and Ghegs.

Facts about Albania

1. The official's language of Albania is Albanian.
2. Only three million people live in the country.
3. The country’s heroine is Mother Teresa.
4. Islam was introduced in the country during the 17th century.
5. The country has 13 small islands.
6. Albania is the world’s largest hydroelectricity producer.
7. Albania is known for its weightlifting.
8. It was a communist island.
9. There is no Mc Donald’s in Albania.


Albania Tourism

The country’s economy has been dependent on its tourism which is characterised by the country’s cultural and archaeological heritage dating back to the period when the region was inhabited by Greeks and IIIyrians. It was after the end of communism in 1991 that Albania started to open its gates to the tourist. As time went by, its rumpled mountains and scenery, noisy capital and dreamy beaches continued to enchant many travellers till today. It is the 25th most visited country in Europe and ranked as number one most to be visited destination in 2011.

Tirana Tourism

It is a prismatic capital city of Albania which has undergone a huge transformation in an extraordinary proportion since its freedom from communist slumber. Today, Tirana is unrecognisable from its darks days with so much of vibrant whirl, painted buildings in colours, streets and amazing public squares which are a joy to wander. The charming city also has its unique history and monuments which dates back beyond the Ottoman Empire. The boulevard is lined in with amusing relics of its Italian, Ottoman and communist past.

Different Types of Tourism in Albania

1. Historical Tourism in Albania

Albania is rich in its archaeology which there the historical tour of this country worth exploring. The country has rich historical sites dating to the Roman, Greek and Ottoman periods some of which are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Some of the historical sites in Albania such as Apollonia, Ardenica Monastery, Butrint, Durres Roman Amphitheatre, Kapllan Pasha Tomb, Kruje Castle and many others.

2. Cultural Tourism in Albania

Cultural and heritage tourism plays a major role in the development of the country. Tourist comes to visit monuments, museums, castles, archaeological parks and other sites in Albania. There are five sites listed in UNESCO heritage in Albania namely, Berat, Butrint and Gjirokastra. As for the other two including Orchid Lake and Gashi River, the authorities are still working on the list.

3. Sea and Nature Tourism in Albania

It is home to some of the biggest and oldest lake of Southern Europe, and it’s also rich in water resources. Some of the highest mountains peaks of the Balkans are located in Albania which makes it a must-visit place for nature lovers. There are also lakes, waterfalls, beaches, natural parks and it is easy to fall in love with the landscape of Albania.

4. Sports and Adventure Tourism in Albania

Albania has a number of sites which offers opportunities for mountain climbing, outdoor camping, trekking or just walk along the narrow trails and parks and enjoy nature. Due to its elevated and terrain mountain, Albania has a suitable condition for hosting a winter sport for ski lovers as the snow remains here for more than 100 days in some areas of the country.

5. Honeymoon Tourism in Albania

Albania is gifted with diverse and fascinating coastlines where you can bath in the sunshine of the country. There are a number of unexplored coves and beaches where couples can enjoy alone time surrounding themselves with nature, fruit trees and olive groves. Even more, they can walk the rare ancient cobbled street of Gjirokastra and Berat and preserved the architecture of the Ottoman period.

6. MICE Tourism in Albania

Albania is a great destination for M.I.C.E as it is meeting up with the international standards of the infrastructure of other countries. There are many nice conference halls, event halls, meeting hall etc to meet the standards of the corporate world. There are also five-star hotels and restaurants which provides international standard amenities.

7. Health and Wellness Tourism in Albania

The Spa business of the country has expanded on luxury hotels which provide all sorts of health and wellness related services. The Spa centres are growing all over the country and have made the services affordable for a sustainable life. Spas are now becoming a necessity rather than luxurious and are driving tourist into the country into receiving wellness services.

8. Culinary Tourism in Albania

Albania lets you indulge in the best traditional food and drink wherever you go. The cuisine of Albania has a Mediterranean influence to it with the importance of fruits, olive oil, vegetables and fish. Every region in Albania offers different cuisine; for instance, to the northern region, meat, fish and vegetables are their main ingredients, while the central region is rich in fish with several meat specialities and deserts and the southern region use garlic and onion a lot.

9. Nightlife Tourism in Albania

Albania nightlife happens around the capital city, Tirana where everything stays the open very late night. The city has a number of bars, cafes and clubs which plays live music and especially on the weekends. While outside of the city, it is less common, but there are few bars and cafes along the road. During the summertime, it is fun by the coastal town as big hotels organise big parties, music and dancing.

10. Winter Tourism in Albania

Most of the tourist in winter likes to spend their winter vacations in the winter sports centre and winter resorts. Some of the most popular winter sports in Albania are Valbona National Park, Theth National Park, Dharda Village, Razma, Vermosh and few others. Skiing is great in Albania and its ranks among the most affordable ski destinations in Europe.

Travel Guide

Albania Tour and Travel Guide

Albania is the best wish list for a European destination for its rich history, warm weather, excellent mountain scenery, beaches and bargain prices. The Balkan Country has gradually developed from a communist cocoon to a savvy traveller spot. The country is becoming a more popular holiday destination as it’s is less crowded and affordable. There are innumerable things to see and do in this country and Albania’s long coastline is also one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. The country still remains unexplored and undiscovered with few places.  It’s an affordable trip to make to Albania and enjoy what the country has to offer like no other place in the Balkans.

Tirana Tour Guide

Tirana is a cosmopolitan capital city of Albania whose communist-era building blocks are enliven by bright paint, lick of brash in shoulder to shoulder with Italian and Ottoman Empire. It may look chaos, haphazard, yet it’s constantly alive with the buzz of people and constant sounds of the traffic and cars. The Albanian Riviera draws a number of tourists yearly especially in the month of July and August. Even so, some of the heavenly places and attractions are still fresh to many foreign tourists.  

1. Accommodation in Albania

Tirana has a wide range of hotels ranging from luxury form business, family-run establishments to budget options. Outside the city, you can find accommodation in family guests’ houses or hotels which are of an acceptable standard. There are some nice beach resorts also at Durresi, Saranda and Vlora. There are cheaper forms of accommodation such as camping, hostels. Etc.

2. Transportation in Albania

To get in and around the county, you can hire cars in Tirana as it’s is less stressful and easier to get the car at an instant. For short journey within city limits, taxis are plentiful and buses are also very cheap with flat fare but usually overcrowded. Trains are diesel and slow and the national railway network in Durres.
3. Shopping in Albania

If you want to shop for traditional items in Albania is Kruja which is less than an hour from the capital city, Tirana. You will find a number of rug weavers, felt makers and antique dealers. Otherwise, if you are looking for souvenirs, you will find many of the items such as copper plates, Albanian flag and beautiful ashtrays in the Kruja shops.
4. Best Time to Visit Albania

Albania has a good climate throughout the year, and it’s favourable for travellers to travel all year round. For those who love summer, the month between April-June is amazing as it the right beach or holiday season. The peak season starts from the month of July-August with scoring heat but most visited by tourist. Winter is great with its winter sports, ski resorts and centres.

5. Albania Travel Tips

Albanians are friendly people
Albania is more than just beaches
It is a safe country
It is affordable
Try local food
Learn basic Albanian words
Know the prices of everything
Talk politics
Study a bit about their history
Talk philosophy
Carry cash

6. Albania Flight Connection

The main international airport of Albania is Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza. The main carriers for travellers flying to Albania from India are Finn air, Aeroflot, Ukraine International Airlines and Turkish Airlines from the main metropolitan cities of India.

Visa Information

Albania Visa Information

Documents Required

Valid Passport
A Passport Scan
A Digital photo of you
E-mail address
Means of payment

Estimated Time:

The best time to apply for your Albania visa is 1-2 months before your travel date.