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Swing By and Enjoy The Happy Beat With Nightlife in Egypt

When the sun drops, night lovers began spilling onto the roads and have a good time in eateries and coffee houses. Egypt is a mysterious land where most would think that the nightlife is somewhat not there. But surprisingly, you will discover so many places to enjoy the nightlife in Egypt intertwined to get the breeze. It’s hard to relate Egypt to any kind of urban lifestyle, modern public places, Nightlife etc. Egypt doesn’t come as a hip and happening country, but time has changed from history and it is an ideal destination to party hard as there are several pubs, clubs, discotheques, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.

You don’t need to worry about not being entertained as some of the world’s known DJ take charge out here in the country and they let the night slip away for nothing. So if you are planning to visit Egypt, make sure you keep your evenings free after day activity. The music starts from light music to party thumping music and thus the ambience turns electrifying by the night time. So if you are looking to spend some good evenings, you should know that there are many places to have fun and be entertained. Whether its clubs, restaurants, bars or pubs, it is suitable for all travellers.

Visit the Popular Egypt Night Clubs and Bars

By early evening, the night places get opened early, while many bars and clubs are usually round up by 10 pm which remains open till morning. Most of the popular places in Egypt are open until the early hours which mean you get to stay up all night. By morning time, you can find many local places and coffee shops serving food, sheesha and hot beverages. Many of the popular Egypt Nightclubs are located within major hotels while others are around the Red Sea tourist resort towns of Sharm el-Sheik and Dahab. The bars in Egypt are found in and around the country which serves alcohol but they are all indoors.

If you enjoy gambling, Egypt offers a number of large scale casinos, hotel casinos and resort casinos around the country. The social dynamite is very different in Egypt, some places allows only men, women etc. You can go out with your friends of the same age group in some places. Along the nile, there are a number of places you will discover where there are great spots to meet the local and enjoy the celebrations along with them. Some of the popular nightclubs in Egypt are Mojito Beach, Papas Beach Club, Hard Rock Café , Calypso Disco and many others.

Feel and Experience Great Nightlife in Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and it might not be on the list of your first port, but the city has prospered so much. The city has two types of bars which are the traditional Egyptian style and the western bar style which is favourable only for males. However, women are also welcomed into these places and are more at ease in the western-style bars. Cairo is different from most cities, where it is livelier in the night than during the day time. Zamalek is a popular party area where there are many party-goers. A lot of the locals here head for dinner once the lights are dim and the music turns louder. But most of the bars and clubs are close by midnight. So people head out to local places to just smoke sheesha and enjoy coffee with their friends and family. There are also many cultural centres to go and visit where it organises many different events which can be traditional ones or just programmes incorporating films, exhibitions, music etc.

Top Cairo Night Clubs and Bars

If you want to have a good time in Egypt, you should visit Cairo Jazz club which is a crazy place to spend a good night out. Even though the name suggests Jazz, yet the choice of music spans from hip hop to indie rock acts which you are bound to always hear some of the best bands in town. For some traditional entertainment, you should head to Shahrazad and get entertained by some belly dancing shows where you can just six, relax and get comfortable watching the show. There a rooftop terrace bar by the name of Crimson Cairos which you can see a great view of the Nile with a glass of red local wine in your hand.

Dancing on and tap your feet away at the Tap with your dancing shoes which is one of Cairo’s favourite place and you need to make sure to make a reservation at this place. Just enjoy the music when you are inside this place and enjoy yourself. You can either try and adventurous night by going on a dinner cruise at the Golden Pharaoh boat which has music playing with an authentic Egyptian atmosphere. The boat cruises down the River Nile and is the perfect night out as you sail in between Giza and Zamalek. There’s an open place just downtown Cairo with the amazing music scene and it plays all sorts of music from African, traditional to electronic music. There are also several DJ which plays here, so the place is always packed and the dance floor too.

Enjoy Your Nightlife with Egypt Tour

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