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The very thought of wedding and honeymoon give Goosebumps to the eligible. Planning to make it the most cherished event becomes vital in a couple’s life and their family members. Destination wedding is becoming a popular trend in the modern urban Indian society, accompanied by the memorable honeymoon. People love to make it special for their partners by gifting them a honeymoon package abroad. CIS countries, of late, has emerged as a preferred destination for those looking for novelty and unwilling to travel the oft-beaten track. CIS countries have many wedding and honeymoon destinations to pick up.

Tbilisi City in Georgia is rich in warm sulfuric springs situated between Mount Sololaki and Metekhi cliff. The winding sunny streets, tiled domes church and the traditional yards are mind-blowing. Other places of attraction are Tbilisi metro, Opera and Ballet Theatre, Tbilisi Botanical Garden, Meteki temple, The Government House, St. George temple and many more. Signagi is one of the smallest town of Georgia situated in the easternmost region. It serves as a perfect marriage and honeymoon destination because of its picturesque landscapes, pastel houses and the vast Alazani valley with the Caucasus Mountains. Most interestingly, it grows best Georgian wines. Ananuri castle was built in 16 and 17th century on the bank of river Aragvi. The architectural complex of the erstwhile feudal times is represented.

Georgia Destination Wedding Destination Wedding in Georgia Georgia Destination Wedding Tour

Ukraine has rich cultural heritage, amazing history and natural beauties. Known for its mountains, rivers, beaches and landscape, the popular and frequently visited places of Ukraine are Rynok Square, the Carpathian Mountains, the sea capital - Odesa, Pyrohovo Museum of folk architecture, Motherland statue and so on. With love in the air, Ukraine has emerged as an attractive place for wedding and as a honeymoon destination. The coffee of old cafes is must as it gives nostalgic feelings.

Destination Wedding in Kiev Kiev Destination Wedding Tour Kiev Destination Wedding

The vast green plains, modern architecture and the scenic beauty of Kazakhstan is the prime focus. This exotic country is surrounded by Caspian Sea, the Altai Mountains and is bordered by China and Russia. The Akmola Region and Almaty is surrounded by mountains, lakes flora and fauna which make it a complete package for wedding and appropriate for honeymooners as well.

Almaty Destination Wedding Destination Wedding in Almaty Almaty Destination Wedding Tour

Among all the CIS countries, Uzbekistan is arguably the best as a wedding destination. The interesting cities of Uzbekistan are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva takes one back to the 300 BC with its masterpieces. The bullet train from Samarkand to Tashkent will force you to compare it with the Japanese bullet trains. The luxurious hotels and resorts of Tashkent are another major attraction for the honeymooners. Even the enchanting roads of Bukhara and Khiva take one to another world.

Moscow and St. Petersburg, the capitals of the country are the most visited and attractive place in Russia respectively. The cities have most renowned museums like Tretyakov Gallery and Hermitage, Theatres like Bolshoi and Mariinsky, beautiful squares like the historic Red Square, Place Square, Tverskaya Street and Nevsky Prospekt. St. Petersburg, also known as Venice of the North, has classical architecture, rivers, channels and bridges. The local nightclubs are like the icing on the cake, making St. Petersburg a perfect honeymoon destination. Other places that can attract visitors are Kazan - the capital of Tatrstan, showing the mix Muslim Tatar and Christian Russian culture. The black sea coast, the snowy Altai Mountains, Karelia with it lakes, granite rocks and the wild steppes of Tyva are the other major places of attraction.

Russia Destination Wedding Russia Destination Wedding Tour Destination Wedding in Russia

Officially named as Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by four countries. It is a real paradise for the people who love modern civilisation. This country is landlocked by the mountains with second largest alpine lake in the world. The mountains, nomads, fermented milks, horses, etc. are its unique identification. Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan is often termed as the perfect wedding and honeymoon destination. As it is a seamless destination for honeymooners, wedding planners adore the number of quality boutiques, restaurants and clubs. The famous Issyk Lake with warm and crystal clean water, which does not freeze because of its high salinity, is surrounded by snow-picked mountains and always attract the honeymooners.

If one wants to touch roots once again, Armenia is the best place to visit - surrounded by temples, monasteries and churches. The famous Mount Ararat situated here is where the great Noah’s Ark landed after the devastating flood. If the couple has high religious value then this is the perfect place for them to visit. The historical places where a great civilisation prospered and the bloody battles raged are places of must visit. The honeymooners can enjoy the high mountains, rapid rivers, deep gorges and alpine meadows. The phrase goes well for Armenia “Museum under the open air.”

Azerbaijan, known as ‘Land of Fire’ for its petroleum reserves and many sources of natural gas, has summer resorts of Caspian Sea and winter resorts of high mountains. It is a much-preferred destination among the honeymooners. The Maiden Tower, Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, Shirvanshah’s Palace, Ashiq art are must visit places of Azerbaijan. It is also an ideal place for music lovers, as the folk and modern music are predominantly present here.

The natural and scenic beauty of Belarus is perfect for wedding destination. Known for its pristine nature and rich wildlife, Belarus is also famous for its Castles. Mir Castle and Nesvizh Castle are the famous two, perfect for honeymooners. They offer honeymooners opportunity to explore a lot and know about the hidden truth of the castles. The largest public square, Independence Square, is situated here.

Bulgaria is a mysterious country known for its exotic presence among few of the European nations. Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is located at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain. Sofia is famous as a youthful city for honeymooners and those looking for an ideal wedding destination. Sofia has many medieval monuments, museum, galleries, restaurants, old fashioned Red Army monuments, along with the Black Sea coast.  

Serbia, one of the oldest countries in Europe, came into existence in 7th century. Belgrade, the capital city, and other cities of attractions are Sremski Karlovic and Novi Sad. Sremski Karlovic is known for its Baroque churches and wedding destination. Serbian orthodox Cathedral, Zemun, Ada Ciganlija and Savamala are popular as wedding destinations and the excellent wines while Novi Sad is for honeymooners who loves fun, entertainment, music and night life.

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