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The salivating taste of multifarious cuisines is one of the prime reasons for international tourists getting attracted to the CIS countries, which is only next to the culture and history of a nation. Besides the urge to explore new countries and terrains, the food and drink are equally important in the itinerary of a tourist. The diversified range of cuisines with delicious dishes is what CIS countries offer to their guest, making it a paradise for foodies.

Russian cuisine is very popular for its festive dishes like sturgeon with horseradish, pink and black caviar, pickled and salted mushrooms and so on. Other popular dishes are kasha, which is nothing but a mixture of porridge, cereals, pancakes, pies with different salty fillings. Besides food, vodka is one the famous drinks in Russia. People take it with food or snacks. Vodka intake in Russia is popular as it is supposed to help them keep warm in sub-zero temperature. Tea is another widely prevalent drink while other popular drinks are Sbiten, Kvass and so on.

Food in Russia Russia Food Tour

Another country of interest for the food lovers is Belarus. The Old Belarusian cuisine has a unique taste and has survived till date to become the chapter of interest for increasing number of people. Several restaurants serving traditional Belarusian food are not only serving dishes from Belarusian countryside in a simple manner, but also they are improvising to make the cuisine more interesting. The concept of using just produced fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare the recipes are what attract the foodies more towards this cuisine. Among many traditional platters, popular is homemade sausages, kolduny, pork stew (mechanka), kletski (dumplings), cold sorrel soup, babka (baked grated potato pie) and so on. Belarusian cuisines vastly uses local produce like greens vegetables, grains, fruits and berries, mushrooms, pulses and other spices also. The oldest Belarusian alcoholic drinks were mainly beer and honey. Consumption of wine is not common in Belarus as grapes are produced in the vineyards of wealthy estates. Belarusian liquor producers offer variety of vodka like cranberry vodka, vodka with honey and pepper, vodka made from bread and so on.

As Georgian feast is an essential part of its culture, so the most important attraction of the Republic of Georgia is its cuisine. The dishes of Georgia are not only delicious, but also they are unique, unforgettable, exquisite and magical. The Georgian cuisine has the influence of the food tradition of Asia, Transcaucasia and Black Sea Coast. In Georgia, food is an expression of its culture and the visit to this country is incomplete if one doesn’t have Khachapuri in breakfast. It is the warm cheese stuffed bread, which everyone loves because of its heart-stopping blimey. Other famous food of this country is Khinkali, Tonis Puri, Matsoni, Sulguni and so on. All the dishes are based on bread, meat, sauce and soup. Walnut is also very famous in Georgia. Brandy is the most popular and traditional drinks in Georgia. It is very smooth and easy to drink. Apart from Brandy, there is a drink called cha cha which is very famous in the countryside. Saperavi or Georgian wine is also famous for its taste and wide availability throughout the nation.

Cuisine of Uzbekistan Uzbek Cuisine

Cuisine of Uzbekistan is influenced by the various nations of Central Asia. The basic ingredients of Uzbekistan’s dishes are mutton, fat of a sheep’s tail, flour, vegetables and different spices. The signature dish of this country is Palov, which is especially made of rice, carrots, special spices, onions and meat. Shashlyk is another famous dish of this country which is made of Bar-be-queued mutton with onions. Lipioshka is a bread item, which is also famous as street food of Uzbekistan. The love for alcohol by Uzbek people is eternal. Beer, vodka and wine are widely available in every restaurants, bars and night clubs. Tea is famous as a regional drink and almost 90 per cent people consume tea regularly.

Ukrainian cuisine is influenced by its culture and culinary art. The cooking process of the food is very complex, which is unique to its kind, making this cuisine distinctive from other cuisines. Ukrainian dishes are famous for highest quality and variety of tastes. Most popular dishes are like borscht, pampsuki, dumplings and cakes, banosh, sausages and so on. Borscht is known as a first dish which is nothing but a soup based on beets, which gives a reddish appearance. Lots of fresh vegetables are present in this soup which makes it very healthy, tasty and aromatic.

Ukrainian Cuisine Cuisine of Ukraine

Pork is more popular than poultry and beef. Popular Ukrainian dishes made from meat are bitki (cutlets), cabbage rolls and so on. Fish is also important part of Ukrainian cuisine. Popular dishes made of fish are pke stewed with horseradish, carp stewed, crucian carp baked in cream and so on. Milk and milk-based drinks are famous as non-alcoholic drinks in Ukraine. People also like fruit juices, tea and coffee. As an alcoholic beverage, Ukrainian honey vodka is the most popular.

Bulgarian cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world and has great influence of the European cuisine. Bulgarian people always incept their meal with a salad accompanied by a glass of grape or plum juice known as Rakia. Most popular salads of this country is known as shopska salad which is made of chopped tomatoes, parsley, cucumber and includes onion and baked peppers.

In starter, Bulgarian people like chicken hearts, fried brains and liver. Apart from these, lots of vegetarian options are also widely available. Even some of these dishes can proudly substitute the main course. In soups, shekmbe chorba, bob chorba, tarator are very famous. Maximum soups are vegetable based. Bulgarian people also love meat. Culture of this country is not to prefer beef as meat, but they mainly like pork and chicken. Lamb is another option but it is seasonal. Bulgarian people like tea and coffee.  Besides, regular beverages like soft drinks are popular too. Like other Soviet countries, Bulgarians are not intense alcohol consumers. But, almost in all restaurants, kiosks, bars and grocery stores alcohol is available. Those who do not normally serve alcohol, at least serve beer. Bulgarian wines are very famous and wide range of variety is available.

Kazakhstan is famous for its meat made dishes. The great Kazakhstan cuisine has contribution from countries like Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Uzbekistan and many more. Though the major chunk of the dishes is based on milk and meat, but presently a large range of vegetables, fruit and fish have become a part of the cuisine. Some recommended Kazak dishes are Beshbarmak, which is nothing but pasta with horse meat dish. It is also national dish for Kazakhstan and served in almost all special occasions. Kumiss is a very popular drink in Kazakhstan, which contains up to six per cent of alcohol in it. Apart from this, other alcoholic drinks are widely available in this country.

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