Mr. Mehta presumed wrong

    Mr. Mehta, a  middle class  indian  youth always wanted to travel abroad as it was his latent dream but his pocket never allowed. Some how he managed to accumulate some money in his initial years of earning  for his honeymoon abroad but his   plans were marred by tight finances as he spent his accumulated money in his marriage. Then came a little angle. They were three now. Mr. Mehta was contantly worried about realizing his dream. Finally he determined to go and started accumulating money for realizing his dream by earmarking some money for the travel. Finally he decided to go. Baby was  two yrs now.Financial position was still tight but Mr. Mehta was determined to travel ,he was also confident now because he had already set aside some money for it. Deposits were so that he couldn't be lavish so he started exploring the cheapest option. With not so difficulty he zeroed on thailand and got a package all inclusive for Rs 25000/ per person for him and his wife and a return tickets for the kids for Rs 15000/-. Total spend of Rs 65000/- was quite affordable and he went for it. Family  was happily preparing for it. With curiosity the couple was also exploring attractions and sites to visit, occasionally enquiring  with the travel agent whether it is included in the package or not. To their dismay most of the things were not included in the package.They never argued with the agent as it was evident that cheap group departure packages can only be a  no frill package. Mr. Mehta decided to keep Rs 20,000/- extra with him for expenses in Thailand. The day came and Mr. Mehta took the flight of his dream. Everything was as promised by the travel agent. Family was satisfied with accommodation, meals, and basic excursions etc included in the package. Mr. Mehta thought it to enrich his tour with a few attractions like Siam Ocean World, Alcazar Show etc  which are in abundant in Bangkok and Pattaya.  They got to know about these attractions from internet but didn't thought it necessary to research for their ticket pieces.They presumed it to be cheap. They thought when package is so cheap then everything must be cheap in conjunction.Considering usual economic behavior of a country, Mr. Mehta was right but he didn't know the nuances of economy and tourism industry in particular. Since tourism industry deals in perishable services,its price heavily fluctuates on demand and supply and  there is such a complex interactions of suppliers, agents and customers that prices are unpredictable. To their dismay Mehtas found tickets of these attractions too costly.Not only this, even prices for  snacks and lunch (which was not included in the package) were high.  Any way they enjoyed the trip and managed to witness a few attractions but they learnt an important lesson  for the future trips that they should always explore and plan for extra expenses at the destination while traveling abroad.

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